T1 Wema1 Says His Wife Is OK With Him Playing With Hiphop Kids

“I’m an H-Town ghetto rapper with a strong passion for sharing experiences through rap music. I’ve been affiliated to Rehab Entertainment for a year now after having been introduced to Anonzi Xndr by my good friend Russell G. The artwork for my album #Inzwa was inspired by my need to highlight the high density surbub of Dzivarasekwa where I grew up and how my friends and I used to sit by the ‘bridge’ on the street corner,” T1 Wema1 told Mcpotar.Com when we reached out to him after copping his new heat, #Inzwa.

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The album was packaged well into 12 tracks including an infographic which helped us get a vivid depiction of what the artiste intends. T1 Wema1 used his graphic designing skills to his advantage throughout the promotion of this album, he even had a beautiful countdown timer. This is certainly something aspiring rappers should take note of as far as branding is concerned. The songs were well mastered and produced.

T1 Wema1 who says his first interaction with Hip-hop was  watching 2 Pac, LL Cool J, The Fugees, Dr. Dre, The Notorious B.I.G and Snoop Dogg on ZTV which he thought to be the coolest music ever, packages Hip-hop in a manner that is consistent with these brands. No compromise for quality so the album was contributed to by A-Class rappers, singers and producers.

The project features: Tinashe Makura, Anonzi Xndr, Ishy X, Gold Finga, Foster, Galis Kush, Chris James, Kidd Active, Marques, Mukoma Icey and Tanya.

Production : Anonzi Xndr, DJ Krimz Beatz, Soundotion,  Mclyne and Fun F with all tracks recorded, ixed and mastered by Anonzi Xndr at Rehab Entertainment. T1 himself is the executive producer.

The rapper says,”The main themes in my album are the hustling people from disadvantaged backgrounds have to go through to make a breakthrough, the obstacles that stand in the way of progress and last but not least how having a supportive and loving spouse is such a beautiful thing.”

This is true in most songs, such as Ghetto which features Ishy X and Gold Finga. You should consider making T1 the executive album of your album. The features he arranges are dope. I think T-One managed to get the best people for his songs because he is not pre-occupied with competing with featured artistes. In fact he revealed that his favourite artiste is Jungle Kid from Masvingo when we asked him. His own bars too are clearly put with relateable punchlines and subject matters.

The reason he makes relateable music is revealed in what he told us about his song creation process,” My song ideas come from my surroundings. I assume different roles depending on my environment, something intellectuals call role dynamics. Those different roles allow me to touch on diverse topics.”

I just had to ask if his wife was cool with him hanging out with “hip-hop kids”. He laughed and said,” My wife is absolutely OK with me hanging out with hip hop kids – there are grown-up hip hop heads too mind you! I don’t hang out with just about anyone though – I’m very particular about the company I keep. My being particular is a trait I picked up growing up in the ghetto.”

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