T1 Wema1 and Guluva 7 Mhanya Dope Or Wack?

When people like T1 Wema1 with a track record of dropping beautiful music drop a track, we are almost always obliged to say, “It’s dope,” even before the  download is complete. The same applies to Guluva 7. Both artistes have managed to pull good previous catalogs that made it to award shows.

These guys sort of supported the industry enough for it to be treasonous to even spell their names wrong.

Recently they dropped a song titled “Mhanya” which means, “Run” in English, “Gijima” in Ndebele and in Windows Operating System it means, “To open an application.”

The whole idea of doing a Shona and Ndebele rap collaboration must have been exciting for them, after-all very few of those have been made in a multi-lingual country which had a unity accord and tribal reconciliation over 29 years ago.

I wasn’t even born yet, I was still non-existent like perfect partners.

In essence, I am saying combining forces was a stellar initiative no doubt. It is uncommon. The question remains however. Despite the whole idea being dope, is the song wack?

Is the hook on point, the beat…

Have T1 and Guluva 7 learnt any new skills perhaps or did they do justice to the subject matter where they talk about hustling and make an analogy of how it is much like how people wwould swap video games and so forth. They talk about game-boy.

Personally I I think they both went in hard as far as the verses are concerned, especially when T1 returned in verse 2. He definitely has been improving on rap delivery skill if you compare the Tawanda of today and the one in Tiri Two . If were to re-evaluate Tiri Two again based on the current Wema1 signature, I would probably fail him, even though the song was great as well.

Guluva 7 represented on a major key as well. I was proud to tell my friend that I sat in front of Nkanyiso Moyo (Guluva 7) in Primary School, at Milton Junior. Never imagined he could rap and had he embarrassed me I wouldn’t reveal this good to know information to the public. Still there was an issue…

The dudes did poorly at something, which is a key component in a good song, by my standards. Not PMula’s, nope. My Standards.

The hook was a bit make shift, okay maybe not poor. Was just trying to depress them up there because I know their hearts were pounding through the first paragraphs and they felt relieved when I spoke about the verses. The verses are actually cool.

Indeed the hook needed more work especially compared to the heat they spat. However it was not actually bad, it was okay.  It only means the guys need to dedicate time to hooks as they did with verses. after-all a hook is called a hook because it’s supposed to hook (capture) the listener.

The stronger a hook the more engaged a listener will be to hear the bars you have spent effort on. Most hooks however for many artistes seem like an after-thought. Let me give you a silly, non-applicable example of what they just did.

What they did is like buying a selfie stick to hook mangoes from a tall tree. While that may work and produce results,  it’s better to hire a giraffe to do the job.

The beat is lit, Victor Enlisted did nice work has been an amazing discovery from my ears since last year, but before he hides behind a digital audio workstation, somewhere in Zimbabwe with an energy drink whilst he enjoys the compliments, I want to you to ask him how he feels about the hook.

Overall , the song was dope to me .  Everyone is entitled their opinion so do not take my word for it. Download the song via the links below after off-loading possible bias. Decide for yourself and give the feedback directly to the artistes they need it.

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T1 Wema1 – #Mhanya ft Guluva Se7en (Prod. by Victor Enlisted)

An ode to the street hustlers of Zimbabwe who face all kinds of challenges in their quest to make the elusive Dollar.

DOWNLOAD: bit.ly/GetMhanya
STREAM: bit.ly/StreamMhanya


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