SynCity:: The Review

After waiting for Synik’s album for quite a while since I heard the guy, he finally dropped SynCity. It’s basically about syn city (sin city) Harare. I have stayed in Harare for 3 years now and I could relate exactly what he was talking about.

The title track SynCity is loaded with punchlines but in this review I’m basically going to run through my favourite songs and comment on the whole concept, it was quite brilliant. the collaborations shocked me, except Aura and Munetsi. i have always known Synik to be affiliated with those, but I’d never dreamt of a time when he’d feature with MC Chita, J.Brown or Tehn Diamond. All these feature were amazing,  they were rightful for each track featured. i also got to hear Begotten sun for the first time through this album, it’s a timeless classic.

Now let’s get to my favourite tracks. Hamurarwe is the first track that hit me, the metaphors are good… the personification of Harare as a feminine figure just took me away, it’s a mature concept of writing and very creative.He talks about how he came to Harare from Kwekwe to Harare, got accustomed to the life, trying to keep up and what he saw in there.Loosing Sleep started making sense to me in second verse because I know who he must’ve been talking about now and that’s what gives it a deeper meaning, when you know it’s a true love song and then you expect the whole album is real and that alone connects to you.

he is talking about his girl, and how people thought he was dating her because she’s white, how he got out of his job without a solid plan yet, how they met and related… even to the finest detail of her being vegetarian.I was like, “Wow….”  Listened to Muripo.… it’s all about his family and you can tell that’s real if you’re Zimbabwean, or if you’re African. I also like the message in Chenjerera… Synik and J.brown held their own 16 Bars in there. J.Brown has this Harare hustler feel to his tone… it creates Harare hustler-ship and represents that. even in Power-cut….. Everybody  from Metaphysics, Synik, J.Brown held the bars…. but the last line by MC Chita makes that track complete… I must say that’s dope.

I’ve never really listen to Marching as one attentively, so I wont talk about it. Power-cut should be self explanatory….. I love the song that feature Tehn diamond and aura, Before Dawn… it’s story like. Munetsi and Begotten Sun in Africa stand up….the rest of the album really. if you haven’t heard it yet visit his website and get the free download

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