Stunner’s Attention Bait Always Works Because

This morning I woke up to outrage by my friends on Facebook about shade Stunner threw at Zim Comedy.

It turns out Stunner wanted comedians to be his new Olinda? After releasing a new album called “Stray bullet”.

Ironically he decided to scab im Comedy with a stray bullet. We speculate he hopes they make jokes about him which ultimately keeps his name in group discussion.

No he wont report us to Chinamasa. It is to his benefit.

One of the 22 Immutable laws of marketing is to stay in the mind of the client. His marketing has always been being discussed in the feed the way we are doing. Definitely works.
Think about it.
You are still roasting him and talking about him by reposting a comment by a comedian that says “We wont roast him.”

Does it boost his sales…? Not sure, but I do know he stays in your mind more than rappers who are quiet and calm.

You cant think of 10 rappers off the bat before seeing his name in your mind. You may after thorough thought list others in writing but you can’t deny having seen his name in your head.

Mainly cause he is a common topic like Zuma, Mugabe and Trump if you hear the word president.
No one knows New Zealand president off the bat unless they live there. Why?

He is too nice.
We living in the attention economy where even big major artistes like Jay Z had to admit bedroom spousal drama in public.

The guy owns a platform. Well Stunner is trying to be heard on platforms and if Jay Z with all that presence could do that, think of Stunner and his microscopic edge in comparison.


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