Study For An Exam The Effective Way

Given that many subscribers of this blog are young and are likely to write exams here and there as they walk the path of self development. I decided to compile some useful easy steps that can help anyone study better.

  1. Beating Procrastination and Lazybones

The first thing any student who is serious about passing must do is to get rid of know n distractions and excuses and start studying. You can use what is known as “The PROMODO technique” to get started.

This is whereby you decide to let’s say study for 25 minutes. Yes just put yourself to study for 25 minutes.

Usually by the time you reaach 25 minutes you will want to study longer.

2. Take Breaks During Study

You have probably heard this one a dozen times and it works. It is better to study for 30 minutes at a time at 6 seperate times done to do 3 straight hours. Your mind will be saturated and you don’t give the new information time to settle in.

Feel free to take naps. Naps have been proven to endorse what one has learmt, just do not over do them.

3. Don’t Copy Notes When You Are Reading

There is a tendency for students to copy what they are reading and I discourage this practice. Read then after reading take a break and try to recall all you read and understood by writing it down onto a paper, compare with the notes.

Since exams are basically about recalling information (at least in the current system) this practice gives your brain a good weight lift at remembering.

4. Try And Teach What You Learned

See the more you are able to explain what you learned to other people the more they may even ask you questions that reveal what you missed. This helps you get better at putting across the point. So you will not really be worried about cramming formulae at time of exam because you will know the concept the same way you know the different roads in your neighbourhood that lead to your house.

5. If You Must Cram Do It

In certain instances yes you could do with that whole I.C.P.E gibberish. I encourage that you understand concepts but don’t hesitate to useformulae to recall certain elements that have not stuck yet.

6. Don’t Play With Lazy People

Hang out with the kids who study, it’s easy to not feel guilty for sitting around when your friends are doing the same. Distance yourself from anyone who is not serious about School or is more interested in Kendrick Lamar lyric memorization than a concept that will be in an exam that technically has an effect on your future.

Tread wisely. If you cannot convince your current friends to be driven you are going to have to abandon them for a bit.


Lest you major in the minor, have an idea of how  question papers are structured and take note of which questions often give most marks. Maximize your knowledge in whatever topics those are and make sure those questions can earn you more marks.

Should you sit for the exam, begin by attacking those question.

8. Don’t join last minute discussions before an exam

If you do, don’t say I did not warn you.

9. Diet and Exercise Matter

It should not surprize you that it is food that determines how much your brain retains or not. Yepthe fish thing you were told about as a kid is true.

Other foods to aide you in memory retention are : Whole grain bread, yogurt, grapes, berries, oats.

Avoid substance abuse and alcohol. It will slow you down. Alcohol will send you to sleep frequently which eats up a lot of time you could be productive.

10. Stop Reading About Studying And Start Studying

It’s beneficial to read the techniques of studying but it really doesn’t change anything if you don’t study.

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