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A strategy is a collective of purposely applied methods. A tactic is just a once off hat trick if it doesn’t fit into a strategy.

A big crisis in Zim Hiphop is to use a set of good tactics but failing to connect that to a profitable commercial strategy.

Good artwork is a method…

Good songs are a method…

Drones in videos are a method…

But what are the core outcomes for you.
*** Props?

*** Awards?

*** Money?

Well to be fair. The first 2 are easy to get. The final piece however requires one not to prioritize the first 2. It requires one to focus on the Money and realize Props, awards, fame and everything in between are better off by products than main aims.

Is your strategy only giving you awards and props?


Maybe that’s your biggest goal and that’s fine. It is okay to do a craft as purely a hobby.

I admittedly am a hobbyist in some artforms but I rarely animate for free.

If you look to financial gains.Your movement has to be designed to collect money.

Everything that has a purpose is designed to best fulfil it’s main purpose.

Buckles are designed to allow a belt to flow through and avoid the belt going off track and leaving a trousers vulnerable.
Bra’s allow a womans bust to be more stable, so do boxers for male apparatus.
We can’t have organs all over the place when jogging can we?
Coffee mugs have handles to protect you from hot beverages and be better held. They are not as wide as bowls either. 

Conversely, light plastc tumblers for cold beverages don’t have handles. In fact some material is so light it would break given a handle. Only a slight hug from your palm works for it.


So why is the strategy of someone looking to earn money looking the same as that of the hobbyist who wants props?
That’s like a dude who….
Okay… will spare the examples. Let’s make this quick.

* If you are going to start selling set up selling points.

* If you are going to sell don’t give your premium freely and at an unlimited level.

* Decide what your premium service or product is. Some bands give free albums and have shows as their Premium where they sell tickets and sell liqour, eats, merchandise and even CDs.
(People are more likely to buy your CD during or after your Live performance. The euphoria at a good show after all can get up tight people to feel more free and be a bit more accomodative. You can’t achieve that Euphoria via Facebook)

* Find out why people buy.

* Find out how to price.

* Modify a method that works in another genre. (Maybe in Book Publishing)
* Review if the methods are worth it.

* Read about various techniques

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