Spice up your love life effortlessly

If music be the food of love, Mile’s freshest musical compilation The Midnight EP is like a large pizza, a bucket of marinated chicken drumsticks, chips and a litre of coke to burp it off. – Baba Tencen style.

The discography to Mile’s July released 6 song EP will spice up your love life effortlessly.

It is the sort of RnB music you queue up in an after midnight playlist, by itself or perhaps a few gems from John Legend to boost the mood after the lights are out. If you’re having a hard time with conversation with your girlfriend or boyfriend, say little and let the music speak to both you and your partner.

Escape into the euphoria. Ambient sounds on instrumentation by Verseless Philo will caress the earlobes and activate all those mind juices that silence the fatigue of the hard day you both had.

Music is the only drug that can alter your mind without ever hurting your body. Well unless of course you’re a terrible dancer learning to crump in a room full of chairs.

This short anthology will nurture silent moments for couples to lean forehead to forehead under each other’s warming breath, eyes closed in meditation. No doubt the producer of this is our nerdy virtuoso, Verseless Philo who sadly said he is not yet concerned about having bae in our previous interview. Well this is subject to change, with this talent I do not think the single ladies will allow him to be out of their temptation radar.

Mile, well he’s been always the lover-boy type from when I first heard him in a Mik track, “Like ooh”. The hypnotic methods these 2 administer should be illegalized. It’s sonic terrorism. This was my first image of Mile.

I was actually shocked to hear #FWYH (F*** What You Heard) from Mile in late 2015, but also impressed with his exceptional delivery which landed him his listing among 7 Rising Hip-hop Kings in an article I placed in the E.C.H.O-IT Magazine around the time. He does run a few bars here and there in this romantic masterpiece.

The overture is poetic and raw, a sexy-accent Crimson Blu muttering, metaphoric musings of acceptance and emotion. The track is titled Freedom is Blu. I can’t figure yet why my choice songs are “Wazotichii” and “Last Time”. I adore those songs, pinned to my midnight playlist.

Crimson Blu and Mile have been spotted a lot in each other’s company. The songbirds were said to be in a relationship at time of post writing which I hope will remain as is even as you read this post in year infinity.

Enough of the spoilers, judge it yourself by downloading the free EP below and spice up your love life with zero effort.

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