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There is a rise in the need for exposure by rising artistes and since it’s hard to get press coverage when one is starting out. Many new musicians have found hope in independent blogs. We have seen many of them come and go idle but today, I want to talk about a new blog that is supporting artistes and which i also am proudly a part of. The Support Zim Hiphop Music blog.

Spekktrumn has been making great contributions to this space and it’s relevance should not be ignored. it consists of 7 other bloggers who are under mentor-ship from me and Spekktrumn.  This blog was started when a lot of artistes complained about not getting recognized by major blogs. realizing that my hands were full with an EP I was contemplating, I talked to Spekktrumn because I knew he had the know how of how blogging went. in fact books i read on the subject were largely from him and i believe he is writing very good blog-posts that develop the artistes and add value to the listener.

Spekktrumn is also a rapper and he has worked on several projects including a mixtape in 2012. It is a good thing that amidst criticism of blogs by immature artistes, blogging will prevail and it will not be taken out on artistes that are humble. Speaking to Spekk the last time we met I realized we had the same vision of uplifting hip-hop just as much as The Juice, Bars 263 and Zimlink have done.

We understand that many artistes have grievances on not getting the coverage they want. they will diss us consistently on their walls but as we raise funds we plan to educate them on how best to present work. We are not about silly Facebook wars, we are really about progress and professionalism.

I wish Spekktrumn ZW a successful blogging journey and salute him for being there in my  journey. I encourage more artistes to start blogging. Amiz  (see his blog here) and  The Activist (see his blog here) have since started blogging too. Anoter new blog is John Batsirai’s – Iam Zimbo Blog If you’d like to know how and why to set up a blog you can follow this link. 

With that said, the Amiz Blog is a personal site which he from time to time choose whom he wants to feature in a s much as this one was designed for my music. i cringe everytime some indies feel entitled to being written about on a blog that clearly has my name in it but anyway, that’s what humans do. The Iam Zimbo blog is not only about Hip-hop bujt when it blows up you will realize that some guy will blast John for not featuring them. It’s crazy out here guys.

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