Some Of The Kings I Met In The City Of Kings

To celebrate the festive season I saved up some dollars to go back home in Bulawayo and kick it with the family. I had a link up with Da Grape Vine family, P.O.Y , The Art Department and later the Hip-hop heads at Hardroom 92 in Northend (where I live), I found out that AKidWit_No_Tahg mmade a 30 Track Mixtape and another EP for Christmas. I immediately nicknamed him The 30 Track Mixtape Man.

Da Grape Vine (Multi-faceted Hip-hop Brand)

Naboth Rizla is a very powerful intellectual and has a global vision for Zimbabwean Hip-hop. The brand that he and the team have been working on takes a long time that’s why the grind will never sleep. I watched him work and I can’t tell you his next ideas but he is increasing from what he was on this year.

I was particularly happy to see the merchandise they have been pushing at a high end level. The DV aps for example are high quality and made by local designers. They deserve their high end value of $30 which to me is very logical. People that appreciate the value of things can buy that because in reality there is proof that Zimbabweans in Hip-hop can afford high end import caps from New York.

Why not get a high end local product and support something that represents where you live?

If you want one of these caps call Naboth on +263773721693 to make an order.

da grape vine caps

P.O.Y (Award Winning Zimbabwean Hip-hop Artiste)

poyMet P.O.Y in my hood when he was linking up with Hardroom 92 to kick in work a day after Christmas. I just remembered then that P.O.Y is one of the hardest working artistes that have made it from Bulawayo. He is also pushing a lot of young upcoming groups and putting them in projects they an earn from. He gave every intellectual insights on which direction I should take and warned me what I should avoid. P.O..Y is an artiste I look up to (he’s tall) and I was glad to bump into him.

Before we split up we watched small house versus wife fight so if P.O.Y ever drops a track about that incident, that’s where he got the inspiration.


Hardroom 92 (Studio)

Donald ‘AKidWit_No_Tahg’ Patsanza is a guy I knew from 2007. We recorded stuff on pc’s and skype-sets at the time with Navy Seal , Macduff and Big Mike. He always had a dream to own a record label he would call Caveman. He was barely 16 and he already had pdf’s downloaded about music contracts. Some thought at that tie hhe was too ambitious and nothing seemed to work out till February 2014 when he teamed up with big brother Datuk Mohawk (The Marketing Guy) and other young producers to create Hardroom 92, the home of hard hip-hop in Bulawayo. I also met an awesome female blogger who runs her name is Tamie Luv and she is more than willing to promote your brand if you’re doing local R’n’B or Hip-hop.

You find rappers like Yung Tyran on the more commercial side. Yes Yung Tyran is commercial, speaking in terms of Hardroom. I just heard some of the best top of the dome freestyles from their booth on 28 December. Particularly from St. Psychedelic.

You can find out what level he’s on by downloading his song which features AKidWit_No_Tahg below.

download song

You can link up with Hardroom 92 by calling Datuk on +263775459562

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