Social Media Rumour Culture Killing Society

I woke up today to a headline about a model (Tafadzwa Mushunje) who has been found not guilty of a charge she was arrested for last week. If you have been reading Zimbabwean news you may already have read a story about a lady who was accused of injecting someone else’s baby with her blood (which they said had AIDS). This is a  strong allegation which was propagated via Whatsapp and Facebook causing uproar and tarnishing of her image.

The sad part is that the law picked up on this rumour and arrested this innocent girl, the media made it front page news for all to see.

It was later found from HIV tests conducted that her and the baby did not actually have HIV but the emotional and public damage had been done by this defamation. Nobody enjoys being in the public eye for such a demonizing allegation but this has become the norm.

Imagine for instance if this lady was not guilty but had actually tested positive for AIDS… would that make her guilty?

Malicious claims are made daily through Social Media that defame peoples characters but when you look deeper into them they may be fabricated or unverifiable. These may be screenshots of celebrities asking for nudes (which can easily be forged) or misuse of their images. Whatever the malice maybe. – Social Media has been abused as a medium and we have allowed this to happen by sharing stories we did not witness our selves.

We have become false witnesses, breaking one of the ten commandments of the Bible (for religious people this applies)… “Thou shall not bear false witness”.

I think in the end to avoid such, we should always question the authenticity of any claims especially that demonize someone image in the public eye. If you have not verified a malicious claim do not share it, copy or paste it for one day it may be your turn at this.

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