So Profound (@thaprofoundone) Makes Declarations For His Birthday (Interview)

ZiFM radio personality and Zimbabwean spoken word poet Arnold “So Profound” Chirimika has turned 25 today.



Yes yellow-man I didn’t believe it too because he has all these attributes, focused, mature, humble and bold [bold with an “O”, or like these words].

The poet is well known for his innovative angles of attacking poetry. He gradually rose to fame with his creative mathematical poetry piece which had a video and various performances. I first knew the artiste when he was presenting an open Mic for the first ever Shoko Festival.  The video was a ground breaking innovation for most poets in Zimbabwe because it had green screen effects and looked well invested in.

Up to now a few have followed up really.

I contacted him to find out a few more details about him and is art and later asked him to make 3 declarations. Today we will kick off the interview from the interview request. Just to do things different.

So Profound

Mcpotar: Morning Fam!

So Profound: Yo!

Mcpotar: Do you have time for a brief interview, I noticed it’s your birthday today. You one of  a few kings that have been inspiring.

So Profound: Cool let’s do this…

So I disappeared from chat for a while because I hadn’t actually thought of what I wanted to ask him. 5 minutes later…

Mcpotar : How many years of your life have you been a poet?

So Profound: This year will be the 5th.

Mcpotar: Before those 5 years were you involved in the arts.

So Profound : I wouldn’t say I was involved in the arts but I had a love for the arts. In fact now that I think of it I was involved, I was part of a dance crew that never did anything for dance or won anything but inspired those who loved to dance that it was possible, I hope that counts.

(You can imagine So Profound dancing… was he dancing Borrowdale, moonwalking or doing some of that B’boying stuff? – Didn’t ask further)

Some Random Guy Dancing On So Profounds birthday.
Some Random Guy Dancing On So Profounds birthday.

Mcpotar: Do you have any pieces outside of Gospel messages.  Would So Profound do a secular piece?

So Profound: My writing is a reflection of my inner man and How I see the world through what I believe in which is the Christian Faith. So I can write anything but the view point is from a Christian view point. So all my work if you think of it is gospel whether it’s a protest piece, love, political, the list goes on. The difference is its just not explicitly gospel or I’m just not saying Jesus in the poem like I do in other poems.

(You heard him yourselves)

Mcpotar: 3 Birthday Declarations from So Profound. One for You, One For Zimbabwe and one for Poetry in Zim.

So Profound: That’s a tough one I hope I can just have a universal declaration or should I say special message for all which is:

Everyday is an opportunity to grow, so whenever you you see the sunrise it’s for you to get up and grow, be better, be positive, be awesome, be new but let old wisdom guide you to new places, be the best version of yourself, be courageous to paint the sky red if you can but above all when the sun sets and you lay down to rest look back and say it was worth it

P.S: Never miss out on an opportunity to grow.

You can watch So Profound’s Faith Matic video below and follow him on twitter on @thaprofoundone

Happy birthday POET!!!





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