Slayer – Young Wild And Wreckless – Review

Slayer dropped his debut mixtape titled: Young Wild & Reckless in May, 2015. The 22 year old Midlands State University Student is signed under Dollarsign Records and is Gweru based. The Mixtape concept sounds self explanatory : Young Wild & Reckless.

That’s a manifesto for most M.S.U undergraduates, who party so hard sometimes, they get late for lectures or end up with sex-tapes all over the press. With Singles like Handiterere (meaning, he doesn’t take advice), one can tell that the theme is about a defiant college student.

Other songs in the mixtape notably are Something From Nothing and Never Stop which are self motivational. They address success, pain and the hustle one has to go through to make it in life. I guess then being Young Wild and Wreckless is a drug to heal the sting that comes with effort. Something From Nothing has that Rick Ross chant’ delivery to it (From Verses to Hooks) but I feel it could have been switched up on third verse to a different delivery to give the song variation. Those variations create engagement and that’s why a song like B.M.F will have Styles P in third verse or a song like Moving Bass will chop that regular Ross in a different cadence. The punchlines are solid, however.

Hip-hop in itself is another hustle that Slayer is trying to get straight along with with hustling good grades. In this era, the academic hustle is actually something. So for listeners who work in offices and don’t actually stand at corners of building blocks try’na sell a juice card. The whole hip-hop hustler statement is a metaphor for what-ever your goal is.

Young Wild and Reckless

I vibe more with his delivery in Till I Make it than the one in All I Need. I feel like many Zimbabwean rappers tend to use the one in all I need. Yes, different lyrics, beats but same flow. It is almost predictable and doesn’t arouse my attention at listener level. I think Slayer will do well with an album if he continues to put work ethic on his craft. I challenge him to use more multi-syllables in his music and explore other delivery pattrerns which allow more words to be said per line.

In this era where everyone has mastered the basic Meek Mill and Ross delivery, coming up with a good verse has become easier. However to be competitive we now must spend hours learning many of these other delivery styles so that we do not sound like our challengers.

No realer review…. It’s a wrap!!!

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