Sinbad90 Awakens From His Sabbatical With “They Know”

Never forgotten since 2014’s hit song “Boyz remukute”, award nominated Kadoma Hip-hop icon Sinbad90 is back from his sabbatical. In his new song, “They Know” he does mention that he sometimes pulls a Winky D on us, takes the paper and disappears. – I guess this works as justification of the unannounced sabbatical.

The irony is I am writing this during my own Facebook sabbatical. Upmost used to say that the word “sabbatical” must’ve have come from the Shona rendition “ku-sabatika(l)”. Enough wandering, with no further adeu or shenanigans from the blogger let me talk about “They Know”.

Get To The Real Story

Produced by Take Fizzo and seasoned with the mellow musings of vocalist Vito, They Know is really a song about getting by in the streets. Making ends meet with special mention to his hometown Kadoma where gold panning/mining are the best hustle that can afford one street cred and groceries for the family.

It mirrors his message in the 2014 Boyz Remukute which ended up trending on several radio charts and even getting a Hip-hop award nomination for Best Collaboration in it’s remix.

I enjoyed the delivery, the Shona lyricism fused with Take Fizzo’s magic touch. Of course anyone who reads this blog frequently knows I am a very huge Vito fan. I think the selection of who to work with was brilliant. I like how Sinbad works with different producers to get different sounds. It removes the boredom of monotony. Nobody likes monotony all the time. Unless it’s from my blog of course. My blog stays on top – one writing style. – Missionary.

Spoiler alert, I got wind that Vito, Gze and Trevor Dongo have something new coming and Take Fizzo produced it. But for now lets get our hands on the  They Know.

To Get Full Song

Ecocash $1 to +263 776 087 629 and get it sent to you on Whatsapp or email. If you are not in Zimbabwe or do not use the Ecocash service reach the number given and make arrangements. This is all in the spirit of helping the artistes to be sustainable.

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