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Cover Art Could Have Been Better
Cover Art Could Have Been Better

Show out is a hip-hop song by TY Homies, a Zimbabwean based Hip-hop outfit. Their song is about showing off with things they have or style they possess. There was however no information on who produced the song but their title says Show Out by Whizzla.


The first thing that I took note of when I was listening to their song is their autotune hook. Now you obviously know if you’ve been reading the blog for a long time that autotune and Mcpotar are close enemies. I do agree there are songs however whose style is centred on autotune such as these songs but I feel like the clique was trying to mimmick the general style in songs like “I’m in love with a Coco”. By the laws of leadership they have obviously set themselves up not to stand out by so doing and the autotune is a bit too much. I am not sure if others enjoy the hook… I speak for myself. The hook is a straight no for me.

However the raps do sound  a lot better. King Zeus is the first rapper in the song and his delivery is pretty good so much that it compensates a lot. It makes him get away with a lot of things, for example his lyricism isn’t quite that witty but with songs like these one also doesn’t require that. The second emcee can definitely take some notes from King Zeus and really work hard on delivery and lyricism. I’d say the guy within the 3rd verse comes second after King Zeus and I like the spoken word guy though the beat seemed to interfere with the rhythm of the poetry.

What they could have done on this part is to duck the beat and allow him to talk about revolution.

Also talking about Revolution in a song with a hook like that and a show off subject matter is confusing and they should do a lot about that artwork.

Final Word.

I think they should go out and work on all these criticisms because that way they will grow and ultimately Zim hip-hop will grow.

Get their song here and feel free to debate me on my opinion via @Mcpotar

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