Should We Legalize Mbanje in Zimbabwe?

It has always been a “public secret” that Schingy and Team Bho may be on drugs, maybe even worse drugs than mbanje because of the extremes of crazy expression they can get to. Plus they have said it occassionally in between tracks such as Eh Bhoo.  His July offering Mudiwa Wangu where he sings a love song to mbanje (marijuana) didn’t come a s a shock to me.

I love the divergent concept because at first glance you’d think Mudiwa Wangu is about an actual female lover. It is incongruity that sparks minds. Giving the fans what they least expect.

He literary has foreplay with mbanje within the video which was well directed, I got it bfrom Sky Rocket Films. The verses and arrangement are good,  the guy has improved much from weak bars when he began to actually interesting and witty punchlines. Schingy was prey to my brutality a few years ago but he held on.

He says the the law has kept him away from his love, which means this is his appeal that weed must be legalized in Zimbabwe so he can openly partake.

I as a writer and role model to some do not support drug abuse and I am no fan of weed, contrary to the belief that my puns and wit are a result of inhalation. However I do breathe good music and to me this is a worthy piece, my advice is to young people. Try and enjoy this without being tempted into drug abuse.

I know there are many credible debates on why weed may be good, but you can still feel good without any mind altering substances (coffee included).

Should weed be legalized in Zimbabwe?

Yes, if tobacco is legal, weed can be legal. Tobacco is more detrimental to health. However legalization of alcohol, weed and tobacco do not mean everyone should take them. For instance tobacco is legal but I can confirm that I have never actively smoked it, my only inhalation is passive.

So if weed were to be legalized so that Schingy would be happily with his love. I guess they’d have to regulate where he can romance his blunts and if it makes him happy and create better stuff. Why not?

Like sugar and other substances he’d simply have to have control on  side effects of over-use and abuse. These are my 40 cents.

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