Short Story -You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1- I had to create a sequel because the public insisted I should. If you haven’t read part one I advise you to read it here – You Can Run But You Can’t hide Part 1

At the crack of dawn I was in her bed and she lay there with her arm over my chest. Indeed I had succumbed to the temptation.  It had been a steamy night. Well I had to get back to my own room before anyone noticed. Her eyelids flipped open and she smiled. We kissed and I told her I had to get back to my room.

I couldn’t wait to tell Patrick about this, he’d give me thumbs up for it. Also I felt justified given that Makoni was cheating Rumbi. I actually began to feel that Rumbi had come to live right next to me for that very purpose. On that Sunday the guilty part of me didn’t allow me to go to church but Rumbi dressed up well and went to Church.

Makoni returned home at 9a.m and decided to rest till sometime later in the day when his wife was back. They spent some good family time together and I couldn’t wait for the next time Makoni would be away. He later came to my room and told me all about his adventure with other mistresses. I had to tell him I spent the whole night watching movies. The whole situation just made me realize how we can think we are fooling the world and yet be the fools.

Rumbidzai started messaging me daily even when her husband was around. The rule was, after a conversation was through we would clear messages. We had seen enough couples get busted on H-Metro through Whatsapp long enough so we used Google chat mostly, it was the least audited. These were all Rumbi’s ideas and not mine. She was so crafty when it came to cheating that it scared me.

I wondered as well how she had found out about Petronella and how she knew that I too knew.

“Well Mike, on the day my husband decided to take you to the shops with him I was naturally afraid you would tell him something about us. I was curious to know what you would talk about.”

“Go on…”

“So I cleared my phone memory and pressed sound recorder on my other phone, it can record for hours. I slipped the phone into the bag he was carrying with a locked screen. He didn’t expect it so he didn’t look for it. When he was back I took it and saved the sound file in my laptop so I could play it back alone later on.”

“So you heard everything.”

“Not quite everything, some parts were noisy when you were near traffic but managed to get the Petronella bit and clearly because you were probably somewhere enclosed when you had that convo. You know these mics are good”

Like I said, she was crafty indeed. Which woman would think of such a thing? I felt like I was having an affair with James Bond’s wife. However, I was going to maximize on this for as long as possible before it died down. I wasn’t expecting it to be forever since Rumbi once left me twisting in the wind.

She apologized for what she did and blamed it on distance and also the fact that she was less mature at that time. Marriage had not turned out to be what she expected it to be, she claimed.

You Can Run But You Cant Hide StoryWe’d use every chance we could be together to be intimate. I would sometimes go to work after Makoni just to be with her. The land-lady never stayed at home much. In those days she was at the farm, she would be available towards end of month to collect rent. Christopher, her son is the one who was minding the main house. I didn’t worry much about him, he seemed to only care about his booze and he himself brought home a few girls once in a while.

Well, I probably was wrong about Chris. On a certain day he came to me and told me he knew that something was going on with me and Rumbi. In fact he had noticed me leave her cottage on the very first Sunday I slept with her. Chris had kept tabs on us from that day onwards though he had no solid evidence that we were actually involved at first.

However over time he managed to catch us on camera, kissing at the door before I went to work. We had become a bit careless over time. That picture would be enough to start jihad between me and Makoni.

Chris showed me one of the pictures and knowing people like him I knew he needed only one thing. – Money

Truthfully if he went anywhere with those pictures I’d get a punch or two from Makoni but wouldn’t lose anything ultimately. I had not signed a marriage contract with anyone. Only two people would really lose: Rumbi and Makoni. They would lose out on their marriage and my life would go on. Where I’m from, male home-wreckers are not spat at, especially given my complicated history with Rumbi. Why would I care?

Well I would care because I cared about Rumbi. Yes I did.

So I gave him some money for booze and he destroyed the pictures right in front of me. I didn’t tell Rumbi he had found out, it would stress her to death. I was a bit worried that Chris may have had other copies elsewhere but the money I gave him for booze would keep him drunk for weeks. Probably he’d forget all about it. The best strategy was to become very close to him so he’d at least honour friendship.

The next morning Rumbi came and told me that, she was pregnant and she was convinced it was my baby. Makoni and Rumbidzai had failed to make a baby for a long time; however she would break the news to him as if it were his baby. It would be less embarrassing for her.

Honestly, when I first dated Rumbi before she was married, I had always envisioned she would be the mother of my children. Finally it was happening but through a complicated situation.

Rumbi was suggesting that I wouldn’t be directly known as the father of my child because we had the baby through sin? She was doing it to protect her marriage. Her own interests; something I was not a part of.

Rumbi begged me to keep this under radar and promised she would make a plan for me to see the child time and again.

It was an awkward moment when I saw Makoni excited that he was having his first baby. He was reading baby magazines and spending time watching children as they played at the park. He also bought prams, napkins and a few toys in preparation as the months went by.

I could tell Rumbi felt as guilty as I did.

Makoni told me that he was cutting ties with all his mistresses to concentrate on his new family. The man confessed that he had only been cheating to find out if there was something wrong with him. He was worried about why he had not scored a baby with Rumbi. So he had gone out to spread his seed everywhere to prove his manhood.

His wife and I still got intimate of course when he was away. That’s the least she could do for me after deciding my child would never call me father.

When I got paid towards the month-end, I decided to visit my uncle in Ruwa whom I had always trusted for advice. Rumbi had been pregnant for 3 months and it was April. I told him about all that had happened and he told me.

“The truth shall set you free.”

He wanted me to reveal everything. He warned that if I didn’t it had a worse way of coming out.

“Son, you can run from the truth, but you can’t hide.”

So after my 2 day visit I went back home with a bit courage to set things right but when I got there the cottage was vacant.

Chris told me the couple had moved to a place they didn’t disclose and both Makoni and Rumbi were unavailable on their phones.

Rumbi had slipped away from me again, this time with my baby.

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