Short Story – You Can Run But You Can’t Hide by Mcpotar

It was a Sunday afternoon and a truck rocked up at the gate of the place I stay. The land-lady had told me that someone was going to occupy a vacant room. Trevor, the guy who once stayed there had moved the day before. I got off my Whatsapp and put my sandals on.

To welcome the new occupants, I decided to go outside and help them move the property. I stepped up to the truck to welcome the driver in Shona and to my surprise; sitting next to him was my ex-girlfriend Rumbidzai. She was dumbfounded too, though she greeted me back as if we were strangers.

We proceeded to lift the furniture into the room and the land-lady came along to introduce them as the new couple that had come to live with us. They had actually just moved into the city and had been married for 8 months. I knew Rumbi had got married, a friend had told me they had seen it on Facebook. I was no longer a Facebook friend of hers following the unofficial break up we had.

“Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs.Makoni”, I said with a plastic smile.

You Can Run But You Cant Hide StorySee Rumbi and I had a long distance relationship which was disconnected by a communication breakdown. She just lost touch and I assumed she had found another man. She wasn’t replying my messages as much and seemed disinterested during calls. We moved on, though it had pained me. Her just appearing on this day to live right next to the room I rented was totally not okay.

If I had known, I would move.

Anyway without wasting time, after helping with the shift I closed locked myself in my room and started playing music. I got back to my phone and sent a message to my friend Patrick to tell him what had just happened.

He joked about it and made fun of the situation. He even gave bad advice like telling me to start having an affair with Rumbi again. I laughed it off and honestly I didn’t want trouble. The plan was to move at the end of the month and keep myself away from the awful memory of a failed relationship.

As days went by we really didn’t interact much. We’d meet one or two times at the tap which was outside during laundry days. I personally didn’t spend much time at home but she would spend the whole day at home. The husband would go to work; he worked at a local bank. On one Saturday Evening I heard a knock at my door.

It was Mr. Makoni with a six-pack of castle light. He wanted us to hang out and discuss guy stuff and I let him in as he told jokes whilst sipping on the booze. I told him I wasn’t a drinker, he was cool with it. What he needed more was to extend his hand and make friends with a fellow tenant. Since he had only brought alcohol he insisted that we go to the local store and get the soft drinks I preferred.

Well I had nothing interesting going on for the weekend so I decided to go with the guy. We shared a lot in common in terms of opinions on political issues, which music rocked and so forth. I could understand why Rumbi may have been attracted to him. We had many similarities.

When he got drunk, he started telling me all about his cheating escapades and mistresses. Rumbi, according to him, trusted him a lot. I just had to make up stories that equalized his, so that he could feel that we related and tell me more. It’s always good to hear confessionals from the guy who took your woman away isn’t it?

He always brought in other women if ever she was away. I couldn’t snitch, it just wasn’t in me. I felt the pain for Rumbidzai but then again, I’d think of the pain I’d felt when she went quiet on me. There was a temptation to reveal the truth to her and take her back, but then I didn’t want that drama. I would stick to the plan. Move out on month end.

On one Friday I woke up and did my laundry before work. I left it outside on the washing line to dry. However the weather changed that day whilst I was at a work and it rained heavily. When I got home I expected to find my clothes drenched but they were not on the line.

Rumbi had removed them as soon as it had started raining. Not only had she done so. Without my permission she had proceeded to iron them.

“I know you always hated ironing,” she said as she handed the neat clothes to me. I thanked her but didn’t know what else to say to her. She looked at me and said, “Michael, I’m sorry about how we ended up. We don’t have to be enemies.”

“No, umm it’s no sweat, and thanks once again I said as I went to my room.”

Memories immediately flooded my mind and I was so miserable that I had to sleep early that night. I couldn’t tell.

Did she still love me? Did she feel sorry for what she had done?

Maybe she was just being friendly and no longer had feelings for me.

Makoni had become my friend, he would confide in me. In fact he would notify me whenever he was cheating in case he needed me to cover up for him. On the Saturday he told me he was going to lie to his wife that he was out-of-town so that he could spend time with Petronella, his other girlfriend. Makoni, asked me to keep an eye on his household for him. I agreed and told him not to worry.

Indeed I was going to.

When night came, Rumbi came and asked me to fix a plug for her. Something had happened and the water in her jug wasn’t boiling. Well since she did me a great favour with the ironing I went down there to check it out.

As I finished fixing her plug, she closed the door and was all of a sudden in her night-dress.

“Michael, I know where my husband is.  Why don’t we have our own escapade too. I know you want me.”

I stared at the wall trying to avoid the temptation of this open invitation.

“You can run but you can’t hide.” She whispered.


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