Short Story – Amanda’s Doctor

He finished off with his meal, washed his hands, stood up and left the restaurant. Amanda gazed at him as she gently wiped a plate.

“Amanda, hurry up there’s so many people to serve… What are you looking at!?”, Martin, a fellow worker exclaimed. She quickly got back to her errands as she thought about the guy who had just left. “Still thinking about that doctor? You can imagine how many girls he got.”

Amanda ignored Martin, she really was determined to get in touch with this doctor. Not only because he was a doctor, she just liked everything about him. The way he carried himself in public and he seemed very humble. Of course her girlfriends thought it was a fantasy crash, “ You’re just a waiter, I mean there are nurses already acting for the guy.”

“You know Martin likes you and he’s in your league,” another girl would say.

However among her friends was this girl who used to be a maid but managed to get married to an accountant of a well respected organization. Her name was Tanya. Tanya now lived in one of the flamboyant suburbs of Bulawayo and was mother to two beautiful daughters. Amanda was going to visit her after work for “how to get him to want you tips”.

After an hour of laughter, sarcasm and catching up with gossip at Tanya’s place over tea, it was time to ask for the advice. Amanda, carefully placed the china set on the coffee table to ask, “There’s that doctor guy I told you about. He comes to the restaurant daily. I want him, what can I do?”

Tanya leaned forward with a whisper, “There is this n’anga I know, he will help you with anything you need mai mwana…”

“Are you sure?”

Robert, Tanya’s husband walked in from work and greeted the ladies. He had brought a bouquet of fresh roses with him, which he gave to his wife. She thanked him and immediately reminded him that it was his turn too cook.

“Oh, gosh I’m so sorry Tanya, I was late.” He said as he went into the other rooms to change.

“Am I sure?” Tanya said with a smile as she hinted her eyebrows in the direction where her husband went. “Am only telling you this because you’re my best friend.”

The next day after work, Amanda went to the address she was directed to so that she could get the juju to entice the doctor to her own arms. There she got a powdery substance which she was told to put in the food of the man she wanted to be hooked for life.

“My daughter, with this juju because you would have made him love you forever. You are supposed to spend time with him and be intimate with him everyday till one of you dies. So make sure you give it when you sure he is the right one”

Well Amanda didn’t mind that so she took it and went home.

The next day she positioned herself to serve the doctor at the restaurant. She had obviously seasoned his food with the juju she got from Sekuru. She went back into the kitchen where she was needed.

He got his meal and was ready to eat, but before he had a bite a call came in.

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes he said.” – he took a doggy pack and put the food, there as he rushed out. On his way out was a beggar whom he handed the pack as he got into his car to make it to hospital.

The next day, the doctor went to the restaurant very early and he asked to see the girl who had served him the day before. Amanda was happy when she heard this and went over to see him.

“Hi, I’m Steve… I have always wanted to talk to you. Was glad you served me yesterday, was wondering if you’d be free over weekend. Maybe for a date?”
She blushed, “Awww, thank you. I’m definitely free Steve. Did you enjoy the meal?”

“Oh, yesterday I came out in a rush and gave that meal to the beggar outside. I don’t usually eat before an emergency. Thought I’d give a dude who needs it most.”

At this point, Amanda fainted.

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