Shasha x Cal_Vin Drop A Gem – But Can Women Really Be Independent?

I recently just got hold of the new Miss Independent track by Cal_Vin and the hot Sha Sha, who by the way free-styled with Cal_Vin on our hip-hop show, Zaangoma Episode 3. This blog has in previous posts reported much about Cal_Vin’s projects (here and there) but this is Sha Sha’s first review on . I am assuming most of my readers are new to Sha Sha. She is the future of female vocalists in Zimbabwe, challenged by a few contenders.

In Shona I’d say, “Sha Sha ishasha,” (Sha Sha is a champ’)


The message in this track is that she does not need any financial support or aid from a man. Well this is a good era to handle such a subject matter because many ladies claim to be escaping what is known as the “Cinderella Complex”. Of course a lot of women do preach a lot of this stuff about being independent yet deep inside they still yearn for a man to chip in for them financially and protect them. Hence I still argue that even the educated and “sophisticated” women who have it all are far from escaping the Cinderella complex, even in the midst of their MBA’s. Whether or not the concept of “Independent Woman” is a viable, we can definitely say that this song manages to get the message through from 2 perspectives.

It is not a bad idea though it still only exists in music than in the real world. Independent women (who are really independent) are some of the most attractive females one can encounter or have a relationship with. Trust me they will always need men, at least sexually, (making their total independence a mere idea).  Financially, it’s attainable for chicks with no boy-friends.

Sha Sha is such an amazing vocalist that she manages to blend Ndebele with English without compromising  either accent and in between her beautiful musings , that Luveve boy leads in with witty kasi Ndebele lyricism. The rapper proposes love to the songstress though she continues to play hard. Miss Independent is one of a few Ivy League productions, mixed and mastered at HWMiT (Hardest Working Men in Town), Youngnash on the instrumentation.


The instrumentation and switching in progressions both vocally and in the beat give this track a touch of class. This is quite rare in many locally made productions though we are in the advent of such stellar content. I am really proud of the two, and I hope more Zimbabweans creating music at this level if we are ever to be eligible for Award Nominations at global level. That way we would progress as an industry, as it is the competition out there is not thick enough to battle with this sound. See even a Mansion in a shabby ghetto if it’s the only one present, doesn’t change the general perception of that suburb until more people begin to have houses like that.

As it is, Zimbabwean music has exceptional artistes, but they usually can be listed on one palm thus all this hard work becomes meaningless until we use this type of production as a benchmark.

It is a well laid out international standard track, it’s sad it had to end up on Datafile host. Regardless, I’m sure there are plans to export it and commercialize it through platforms like Spotify.

Download The Song here

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