Sharky:Zimbabwe’s hip hop new blueprint

10984082_414387852041717_9001232497619201385_nFrom the King Pin era to the Munetsi reign to the Syn City days to the days when we persecuted Stunner for being too urban groovy to be classified a rapper  to the new class of trap and noisy emcees, hip hop in Zimbabwe has indeed brewed and matured into an admirable force yet to impress the world.The movement has changed and its only those who have an aggressive mass of talent  that have managed to set the the bar and  those hungry enough to growl who have  raised the bar to further milestones.Truth of the matter is,the beauty of hip hop within Zimbabwean borders has always faced an ugly pimple of being too westernized and lacking an original Zimbabwean feel although some have obviously argued with the idea of unwesternising the sound since it is already a borrowed vessel.But  Chitungwiza bred emcee, Sharky whose admirable talent should be a cause for alarm to every rookie emcee and the giants before him, has created a distinct hip hop sound that is youthful in nature but still remains true to its roots.He is young and fiercely hungry and what separates him from the new emcees  is that his fans can relate to him:just a young man coming out of the dusty streets of Chitungwiza and being focused enough to better himself with each coming year.Any person can relate to growing up without a father figure(Soko Matemai) and anyone can relate to the situational crisis Zimbabwe is facing in confines of selfish leaders and corruption(Izvo Ka).It’s clear that Sharky has demystified himself from being not just a mediocre studio rapper only out to chance a few pennies and a little endearing stardom ye muraini but he is out to win and to come out as the best next act to be baked out of Zimbabwe.For a rather averagely heighted person his persona is big,big enough to get a crowd jumping up and down screaming his A.K.A with so much vibrant energy.

To be frank,I only got to appreciate this 21 year old rap genius few months back after years of classifying him as a mere chancer.Yes,you read correct.Just a mere chancer and I’m sure there are still others out there who think his act is a mere facade and minutes away from fading.I first heard him feature on Big Shot’s Savage’s  Ndere Mahara and I remember being impressed by his wit .When I asked around his age range quickly discouraged me into hyping him up quick.To me ,at that point he  was just another class act rapping to get girls and to show off to his mates with a whatsapp audio.’He wont surpass 3 features and he will quickly disappear into thin air’, I had told other people who were quick to embrace his music.Chitungwiza, his feature on The Summer Is Ours ,an ode to his hometown  was a lyrical barricade but I still thought he was taking an easy route to his hall of fame by heralding himself with a song literally based with where he grew up,”taking a Jay Z stand”I had called it.Manga Matii  which came next produced by Ikonik Music’s  Dj Krimz caught my attention with an electro sound beat backed up with his traditional congested chorus.It was his public statement,as if he knew months later people would really start taking him seriously. Not until I got Yohwe did I remove my doubting mask and  realize that this young lad was going to be the next big thing if his talent was wavered in the right direction and with the right people of management.2015,Sharky has proved that he indeed is a new blueprint and bar setter to the hip hop scenario.You see,Sharky is admirably a dreamchaser and has managed to instill in himself the greatest hip hop tools any rookie emcee should copy down and paste up in their road to getting success.I have always had a problem with  rap cats who don’t create an image to their artistry.For me that has always been like paying for a stripper with clothes on,plain BROAD DAY ROBBING.You can never separate being a hip hop artist with branding an image and you can never put being an artist and  being ordinary in the same damn line.The most terrible sin new cats are prone to is staying ordinary and performing in an ordinary stance.Hip hop is a culture and in every culture there are trends to be enforced and that includes creating an image that other artists and the fans  can relate to( like what Trae Yung has done).Sharky hasn’t disappointed in that area.He has managed to create two sets of egos:being Marshall, the ordinary young man and being Sharky the rising emcee fully beaded with an african attired ensemble that resemble his sound  with an outstanding stage presence for a guy his age.

His most prominent single as yet has to be Gwags produced  ‘Soko Matemai’,a unconceiding cry to his ancestors to grant him knowledge and the way to his life’s desires,a very odd thing to reference midzimu in this Christian age and  within a genre such as rap but he owns his track leading his listeners into his life’s intimate yet uncomfortable situations like not making it to university due to financial constraints,growing up without a father figure and welling himself in alcohol to desensitize himself from the world’s pain .Sharky,at just 21 has managed to do what his seniors are still yet to achieve playing a part in the hip hop online show Zaangoma alongside Michael Mupotaringa and Tadiwa Chimbodza and also being the brand ambassador for Zim Son clothing.Just last year he had shows that he was backing up for Tehn Diamond.After the buzz that the Incredible mUnetsi had passed him the Chitungwiza torch,Sharky has shown an outstanding level of maturity musically,getting better with every track or task that is thrown at him.Lyrically his wit is above impressive with a wordplay that will surely make him stand amongst the best spitters Zimbabwe will ever produce in years to come.He knows how to own a crowd,he knows how to better a track from his previous  ones and he knows the true artistry behind owning yourself as a brand,by not being just as an ordinary rapper but a fully fledged army of art.

My doubting Thomas days are over.If you  are reading this, its definitely not too late to take a listen to this young emcee.All that is left now is for him to produce an album or mixtape that will prude him against other notable rap albums produced in this decade.Sharky has mastered his image and his sound.He has also learnt  fully to interact with his fan base whether during a live performance or on social networks,taking feedback and comments that have inclined him to better his art .Whether he remains a ticking phase yet to be inflated for some,Sharky is a new act to take heed off and a bar setter for the year 2015.As he continues to grow and perfect himself as an artist, I would like to reference him as  Zim ‘hip hop’s  new blueprint’:HIP HOP’S GUIDE/PLAN ON HOW THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DONE.




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