Sharky To Perform In Senegal – Announces Album Launch

Sharky has always had a tendency to do things in doubles. I bet his first children will be twins. – It all started with the MYK sessions, something called “Midzimu Yapa Kaviri” concept (meaning: The Ancestors Have Given Twice). – He would drop 2 songs at the same time. It continued through to this year where he dropped his Soko Matemai at the same time as Killin’.

Well, Shona has a proverb that says, Midzimu haipi kaviri, which basically means the opposite. It actually refers to the opinion that there are no second chances in life and well Sharky twists it as the great artiste he is to take advantage of the wordplay. – He has been blessed twice.

One, he announced his album launch for Soko Matemai today and secondly, he is going to represent Zimbabwe at a festival in Senegal.

Details Please…

So yes Sharky previously asked the people to suggest an album title on his Facebook profile not so long ago and the masses decided that his album was to be called Soko Matemai, he lost the bet. Told him, they’d call it Soko Matemai.

So on 25 June, 2016 no matter how cold it will be, I need you to be at Moto Republik to support the Chitungwiza born rapper for a job well done. The guy started rapping in 2013 and 3 years in this is his dissertation. – Basically a student of the game, but building his own brand, he has shared stages with great people like Tehn Diamond, Dhadza D and so forth in his come up. The list needs an article of his own.

The show is being presented by 1807, organized by the very pretty ladies Nobuhle (of this blog – not this one) and Miss Mona 263 who writes for this blog – not this one again and that blog. Nothing can go wrong when ladies are assigned to do the job.

I’ll skip right through to the Senegal Festival details, before coming back to details on how you can make it to this show. You’ve been told a month ahead so no excuses.

The Senegal Festival

Seems Sharky will be getting a higher share of jealousy than me this year. He is certainly making Strides. I mean, he has practically been able to export Shona to other countries even before this. TransAfrica radio is banging his jams, the ladies they love him, his ancestors bless him. – Hatonomists estimate that he will receive 87.3% more jealousy than Lumumba in the next quarter.

Sharky is scheduled to leave for Senegal to perform at the Festa2H in Dakar. Festah2H is one of the biggest hip hop festivals in West Africa bringing together international artists from Senegal, France, USA, Mauritania, Spain, Germany, Gambia, Belgium, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Mali, Canada, and Sweden and more countries including Zimbabwe which will be represented by Sharky. This trip was facilitated by Magamba Network, the guys behind satiric comedy outfit Zambezi News and Shoko Festival among other urban culture initiatives. – Pasted that.

The album is to be launched at Moto Republik on the 25th of June. Tickets are on sale at the following points:

How To Support The Launch

Moto Republik, 3 Allan Wilson Avenue, Greater Avenues Area (Off Mazowe Street, Close to Parirenyatwa Hospital)

Robin House, 3rd Floor, Room 42

The Mobile Lab, Noczim Building

VIP Tickets (Limited) – $10,00

General tickets : – $5,00

As usual I will be dispensing free tickets to beaqutiful ladies, maybe 3 or 4, provided the money is deductible on Lobola payment. If you love Sharky’s music please share this along on Facebook, twitter and any social network that actually matters.

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