Sharky Set A Standard For Zim Hip-hop Album Launches

It is not a compelling testimony when the success looks obvious. About a month ago when Sharky announced his album launch date, one of the people involved in organizing it told me that some people had said the launch would flop because apparently “launches are supposed to be free.”  – Of course we both resolved we wouldn’t worry about those people, for they knew not what they were saying.

A testimony was going to made!!!

These remarks were of course before the #SokoMatemai25June hashtag obliterated the newsfeed for everyone who usually supports Zim Hip-hop. Way before the successful paid for event that took place at Moto Republik on 25 June, organized by a large team but mainly facilitated by 1807 Events and RYT Media.

The 2 Ladies from 1807 Events who organized the Soko Matemai launch.
The 2 Ladies from 1807 Events which organized the Soko Matemai launch.


Of course these remarks gave us the motivation to promote the guano out of this event. Skits, drama’s, memes, show footage and status updates were made but most of all history of exceptional performance by the artiste himself came in handy. Remember on announcing this launch Sharky flew to Senegal where he stunned fans. Word has it it he would have done Mauritania there-after.

The stage was opened by the melodious Simz 27, I had known his music and not his face. Was glad to see him live. A talented kid named Keith The Dancer, did some crumping for us and some exceptional dances. Something my words alone will never explain. You had to be there. Coded, a producer and vocalist also performed and the sweet YoCa quenched my eardrums. It was fantastic. Sharky later came and reaped off the stage.

Sharky On Stage Soko Matemai
Sharky getting the crowd warmed up at his album launch. – Soko Matemai

Historically Marshall (Sharky) has impressed at Shoko Festival which is one of the biggest platforms for local urban contemporary genres. Headlining with stars like Dadza D. It is no wonder this has been nicknamed “The Soko Festival”. The title track to his album Soko Matemai was on Zambezi Magic for weeks and so forth. None of these milestones were obvious before they happened either.

It is always a testimony for Sharky. Naysayers doubt and he executes.

The album premier was well orchestrated and it reflected the deep adoration the industry has for Sharky, people came in their numbers. People sang along to the musings. Different moods with each segment. Energy, energy and fire.

His mother was there and a lot of industry icons as well. The presenters, Cashbid and Snooks were adorned in Afro-centric apparel tailored by the mother of this fresh prince. Cal_Vin came all the way from Bulawayo to support, Begotten Sun, Gze Synik, Tehn, Mono, T1 Wema 1, Noble Stylz, Tanganyika, Chris Chacha, Michael Shoko, Myke Pimp, Spekktrumn among others –  (like the Editor in Chief and commander the Potardent of Zimbabwe and others).

There is even a lady who came all the way from Cape Town to attend.

Cashbid and Snooks did the emceeing; Krimz and DJ Langton B were scratching records on the on the decks, Bryce Muchenje (his brother) on the instrumentation. Nobuhle Nyoni and Monalisa Chishato did the whole planning under their events company, 1807 Events. A lot of photographers were present including Tau Madzidaddy and Leroy “Gurukota” Dzenga. Kelly Haurobi went around selling the tickets, Shanice  (Krimz fiancé) kept our tummies well fed. It was too amazing.

Soko matemai Launch

What I saw there was a power team working together to set a standard for a frowned upon genre. It is no wonder the album currently sits on number one of the Zimbabwean i-tunes chart. All that achieved in 2 days.

Begotten Sun even went to purchase extra CD’s to distribute to the people. If you’re in Zim Hip-hop you can certainly confirm that the “Sunna Co-Sign” matters.

You know what other co-sign matters? – The people!!! And I think Sharky has that no doubt.

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