Schingy’s Bars In Hatiterere To Get People Requesting Features

I listened to my first ever Schingy song with one bias. “It’s weak,”

Yes before I had ever listened to the guy I had already been told that he was not worth the while in some Facebook forum so I listened for the wack parts. Indeed in those days his pen game was not impressive.

In as much as he has worked on his marketing, branding and fan building he has also not slepton his craft. Schingy as a result has reportedly filled show rooms especially at MSU where he boasts of a large fan base that even some of your best rappers will not touch. His instagram is popping with an average of 250 favourites per picture and nearly 8000 followers.

This is an artiste who never got love from radio and platforms like my own but I guess that adversity built him.  He kept his eye on the prize. He knew he was different and acted different.

In the  Marcus Mafia’s latest release called “Hatiterere” Schingy surprises us with spectacular lyricism that I even had to paste on my Facebook wall. There are 16 quotables from 16 lines, it is a verse in one.  Now anyone who knows bars I quote or personally write on my wall will tell you that I do not permit subpar artistry there with no apologies.

Of course the hook is catchy and other rappers on it are King Active (was Kidd Active) and Kikky Badass.  The song was produced by Fun F and Nyasha Timbe.

King Active the trap king went in as usual, he needs no introduction, but the sexy Kikky Badass also held her own sixteens with some quotables as well. Eventually throwing shade at her ex boyfriend (who I didn’t take time to find out about).

Awesome beat, playful hook, rebellious concept. I am impressed by the improvement on mainstream artistry. Where-ever you guys are power to you. Hashtag #MySoundIsZimbo and represent to the fullest.

Download marcus Mafia Hatiterere Here

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