Schingy Disses Stunner & PK – Gets Kicked Out Of Rehab

Self proclaimed celebrity, Schingy has done it again. He yesterday posted a reckless statement about Stunner , P.K and other artistes, questioning their relevance in the industry and claiming he was better than them. Probably he was high but his label didn’t take this lightly as Xndr has longstanding relationship with renowned hip-hop artiste Stunner.

schingy disses stunner tazoita cash


As we already know Stunner has never enjoyed criticism and it makes it worse now because Schingy is one of the new school artistes he was beginning to respect. Disappointed by the unloyalty of Schingy , Xndr made an impulsive decision to terminate affiliation with the artiste and a Whatsapp chat with him and Stunner has been circulated and I can confirm it has not being forged.

This morning on this discovery I also decided to go on Facebook and air my view on this artistes statements.

With no ability to get attention Schingy wouldn’t even talked about at all. His recent jibes at Stunner and other artistes are a desperate attempt to get attention and once again he gets it. He hasn’t made much noise since the view buying saga but he made an awful attempt of getting attention at 2014 Zimhiphop Awards by Bringing a Coffin to the stage right after we had commemorated Mizchifs death (crazy huh). Suicidal with his gimmicks because that’s the only tool left to compensate for his lyricism. ‪#‎Provokatif

schingy disses stunner and pk gets kicked out by rehabA lot of people including Tasha Apple commented that the only way  Schingy has been able to get attention was through talking about other people. This claim can be confirmed by his references to Big Bruce in the Kuno track. I certainly do not hate on Schingy but I also do not suppress actual facts.

Schingy needs to work on his craft for a while if he has ambitions of being a rapper . He can still be involved in the hip-hop industry by attending shows, organizing street teams and making social media buzz for artistes who know what they are doing until then. I personally blog more that I rap because I’m better at this than rap, Schingy should see the light too and move on.

Here is the chat between Stunner and Xndr currently circulating

[00:27, 16/05/2015] Dezi: Let them do what they think is good for them
[00:28, 16/05/2015] Dezi: Too bad I actually liked that boy and his style
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: If I hadn’t taken him in muna 2013 no one would know him…or respect him at the level he was at now…
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: But ohwell
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: Life goes on
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Dezi: How do u tell someone who is on tour Ku America zvakadaro? Iduzvi. Plus haasati akugona rapping, it’s jus by chance
[00:30, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: Well a fake tablet that’s always on the charger motivates a silly boy to post silly things.



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