Run For Your Lives – MykePimp is On The Way (@MykePimp)

He gave us Ma Obama, I thought that was a’ight. I wasn’t really down with Sir Wicknell but I gave it a try. In fact I thought Ndakabatwa was supposed to blow up but it didn’t do as I expected. However Hundare and Harare Hairarwe which featured Mariachi provoked the hustler in me to go out and get it.

Who am I talking about? – Myke Pimp

Yep, if you don’t already know about this guy you can get to know him today. He is a Harare hustler who raps about his real grind. That’s why most of his music has a non-wanna be hustler feel, if he’s not hustling for that paper he’s probably somewhere with some pretty nice things taking a smoke. Puffing and passing… you know the gist. I’m not saying I condone it, but for those who glorify that lifestyle. Myke Pimp is the G.

Now I came across his video on Youtube today. A minimal concept but way better than the one I did on Where I Belong last year. This one is very creative with visuals created by Chris Shoca. The graphics are beautiful; there is even a subliminal part where he flaps wings. The lyrics are phenomenal.

Myke Pimp has been working hard no lie and if we not careful out here fellow emcees he’s coming to wreak havoc. I like the way the video ends by giving you a teaser of Harare Hairarwe because I believe that’s the video we’ve all been waiting for.

Check out the Myke Pimp Saviour video below and share this article.

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