Romance Has A Currency And Georgia Knows About It

Controversial to say, but a lot of feminine power resides in sex appeal. Men are visually stimulated creatures who tend to want to know more and more the more appealing she looks.

What better way to escalate ones romance life than to invest in enhancing that currency in a conservative country where the man probably admires models from foreign lands.

Well, no need to share your secrets with Victoria. We in Zimbabwe have our own Georgia, a gorgeous “yellow bone” with brains, beauty and business acumen.

Her line of specialty is selling this commodity to other women, lingerie. having realized it’s power as a romance currency. Probably the Euro of appeal.

Well I knew an interview would come in handy for all of you. I mean imagine me, a Hip-hop blogger coming from nowhere to tell you about lingerie? No, let’s get experts.

Mcpotar: Which one word describes your mindset?

Georgia: Business mindset, am forever taking chances.

Mcpotar: Give us the brief story on what you were up to when you came up with the idea for Georgia Gorgeous.

Georgia: I’ve always had passion for fashion and nice things in life.So i just thought of things that women love and value and did a research too ,all roads led me to lingerie. I feel like a woman feels more comfortable and sexy when wearing good lingerie.

Mcpotar: Is lingerie easy to advertise on public platforms in a conservative country like Zimbabwe where mainstream conversations tend to mute things to do with “sexiness” and sexuality. What challenges do you face in marketing without being seen as promoting soft porn?

Georgia: Yes like you said ,Zimbabwe is quite a reserved nation and as such I have really faced difficulties in presenting my business due the level of kinkiness it revolves around. I have also faced criticisms from people who have no understanding of the role it (lingerie) plays in relationships.

And also getting models to advertise for me had proved to be quite a hustle because of the nudity that comes with it.

Mcpotar: Glad you answered that [the part on models]  was going to ask about that.

Even though lingerie is of course for women. Do you get most purchases from women or men (perhaps man buying for their women)?

Georgia: Most purchases so far are coming from women ,as compared to men .I think men are yet to learn and understand the power of good lingerie on a woman and how amazing it is to get your woman such gifts.

Mcpotar: If a gentleman wanted to buy his girlfriend or wife lingerie, how would he go about it. Let’s call him John. What information would he need? Would there be need for him to steal his Mrs’ underwear to show you so that he gets the right ones or there is an actual art to the purchases.

Georgia: Hahaha not really an art of purchase but John would need to know his wife’s cup size and body size ,I don’t know about stealing hahaha but if its a surprise and he’s not aware of the size already that would be his only choice.

Mcpotar: We can both imagine the situation when he steals his small houses underwear and she finds it in his left jacket pockets. Which leads me to question once again.

Among you large demographic of women who buy lingerie, is it true that unmarried women or potential “mistresses” are more likely to buy lingerie to spice up the bedroom and probably keep him. Or you would say, married women nowadays are into the idea?

Georgia: Initially i thought that was clientèle but the turn out was surprising. Its actually the married women who love the idea more that the single ladies. I think the married women feel the need to keep a healthy sexual life and as such lingerie plays a good role into such.Mistresses however may also be considered as clientèle but because their life is a bit private.

Mcpotar: Your brand, what steps are you taking it to expand it into a physical retail store and what is the realistic time-line for that?

Georgia: I’m still generating capital so as to have a retail store .Am hoping to officially launch the line in the next year in march(next year ) the dream will be Almost 2 years then.I want it to be the next big thing hence am taking my time.

Mcpotar: If people want to buy from you, what can they do? How can they find you?

Georgia: I have a Facebook page that goes by the name Georgias Gorgeous, instagram handle @lingerie_regina , also app on +263775331028 (business only). I do deliveries for those outside Bulawayo at a minimum of $5 via Fedex.

So there you have it ladies.

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