RjAy (Zim) & Lo Ski (Tanzania) Brag About Africa In Hip-hop Offering

I have come across so many great Facebook notes from a certain individual who is my friend on the social network. I needed to hear his material because the notes were actually very hip-hop and I definitely wanted to hear what kind of bars he spat and what issues he talked about. The name of this artiste is RjAy a.k.a Mr Bigheaded. He is Zimbabwean based emcee who grew up in a small Botswana town known as Jwaneng.

RjAy Africa Ft Lo SkiHe loves Zimbabwe quite deeply and Africa as a whole and this moved him to write a song about Africa in which featured a Namibian based Tanzanian rapper known as Lo Ski. The two may have first met in Namibia where he was doing studies so evidently he has been in touch with a lot of African creatives outside Zimbabwe. He says that his delivery is proof of the talent we can exhibit as Africans as hip-hop elements where derived from certain parts of our people.

The rappes to use different dialects in their verse to show off their multilinguistic afro centricity. They also show off resorts such as Victoria Falls and the women we have. The beat has a high upbeat tempo which they manage to ride on pretty well while at it. It is basically not the usual Zim Hip-hop sound. What makes it a great offering is its unifying potential amongst African artists. Last month we had @WeAfrican advocate for more African collaborations. In fact there is an agenda to even do united shows and I think collaborations are a good start to bring extended reach.

For more music from RjAy add him on facebook : RjAy MrBigheaded Jones Follow him on his twitter handle : @bigHeadedDude or checkout his Soundcloud profile : https://www.soundcloud.com/rjayjones To get the song Africa right now, follow the link >>>> https://www.soundcloud.com/rjayjones/03-africa-ft-lo-ski And download it for free.

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