Rhyme Assassin Is Still Alive

Rhyme Assassin had been quiet for a while till recently. Well I guess he was having some target practice or reading “the assassin’s creed”. He certainly is doing better than before.

Now that’s progress!


Rhyme Assassin recently dropped a battle rhyme called “Tsiva” which tells a story about how he slayed rappers at a battle. It is mixed with all types of rhymes, humour and metaphors. The lyrics are solid and so is the flow. I am not an engineer but I’d say from a listener perspective. The production is great. We can hear the lyricist clearly.

Rhyme Assassin in fact has never disappointed on production. On the constructive side I think we need to feel more emotion and dynamics in his delivery. He can keep the same progression but emphasize some words or emotions to make it dramatic. He has done well with the progression, concept, story telling and lyrics which pretty much means he killed it no doubt.


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