Rhyme Assasin – Beautiful – Hip hop Song Raw Review

Rhyme Assassin, winner of the 2013 Male Artist award at ZIMMA (UK) and one of the most visible Zimbabwean artists online, dropped his single entitled Beautiful recently. The song features Alaina Pullen on the chorus and is a special for this year’s Valentine ’s Day.  After a listen to it I managed to derive a few things to note about the song. I must warn; this is a Mcpotar review, it is not a promotional article from <insert generic blog names here, separate with comas> or <insert biased news site of your choice there>. Mcpotar reviews are very opinionated and candid. After this paragraph the truth begins.

Rhyme assasin – Beautiful Song Review

First of all the beat is laid back, it sounds like a fusion of R&B and Hip-hop sounds from the late 90’s which is a relief from the gizmos we are hearing these days that are dying to stab our ear drums. P2daoh “Polite Sithole” a Bulawayo based hip-hop producer, made a great offering on that beat. He didn’t abuse plugins and add-ons and he kept it simple. This guy (Rhyme Assassin) is talking about taking time out to appreciate the love of his life and spend time with her. Candle lit dinners and so forth while the lady is responding to him in the chorus. Basically they express their feelings for each other and talking about sacrifice, which is the core concept of the song. It is about giving and gratitude all in the name of love.

I basically think it’s a fair song that has a fair chance of becoming popular since people love love songs.  Music sometimes is about how the artist makes you feel and this is a very relatable subject which shows that the artist had his fans in mind in the whole creation process. However, I’d also say as we approach his debut album release he needs to raise the temperature a bit more on the delivery. Yes… delivery needs to be touched on, I understand this was a chilled song though. Lyrical content is basically good. He did flow in line with the beat, and the message was crystal clear. There was a well written concept on this offering. People may forget all things else about you, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

I just needed a lot of dynamics in the flow but that’s me. I believe dynamic delivery would have shut down the building. By dynamic I mean an ever-changing flow that emphasizes emotions expressed. On the other hand I believe Alaina should put in more vocal work as much though she did quite a good job in creating this promising hit. She does have the vocal qualities of a great singer who can get better and better with more studio time and acceptance of advice. Every artist is a consistent work in progress; we in the end want to have the best track out there. So my criticisms on any track I review are meant to keep empowering the artistes with real opinions that regular day to day people do not usually say to the artist (yet they say it to everyone else other than the artist. Cowards!).

I will applaud him for bringing his message at a relevant time and I believe many artistes may learn from some of his good practices. Rhyme Assassin was on Zim Hip-hop Report running a contest for the song where winners won Teddy Bears and airtime, which I believe was a good promotional strategy. So his hustle as far as promotion is way ahead of many artists, so in the end he still will get thousands of plays, views and downloads and keep his rank. By working on urgent areas and maintaining the pros, he will do much more with his music. But Rhyme assassin you are definitely not far from what people like.

He has over the years done a lot in making sure that he is visible everywhere and this is the final push. I’m sure you’ve seen him post various images and keep his presence online. He also has remained Top 5 artist on Zimbabwean Hip-hop reverbnation charts along with rotation on radio and good press coverage. May his forthcoming album be a success!

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