Review: Voe Doo Speaks Out His Aspirations in “Gutsirira Musoro” (@VoeDooED)

Voe Doo, a young rising emcee who is also a writer and blogger, decided to team up with Nash Da King to create something called “Gutsirira Musoro”, which means “Nod Your Head”. A fresh vibe for the Hip-hop heads I must say I am very impressed by the energy and passion they put into this piece.


My stereo headphones bled out the love they created this sound with. It definitely made me nod my head. The laid back instrumental, the lyrics deep and slow. Everybody knows Mcpotar is biased to lyricism and I can say here they managed to balance delivery and lyricism. The spoken word in between verses marries that beat and they live happily ever after.

Both Voe and Nash Da King managed to make this track about hip-hop and they didn’t create it to impress people who want us to dumb it down.

Voe Doo EDThe first verse by Voe Doo is mostly braggadocio and him expressing his values and his aspirations to live wealthy. He also takes that chance to throw a few bars to raise his self image and lastly expresses his concerns on the state of Hip-hop. Nash Da King comes in with a slick delivery, he too talks about his aspirations but also emphasizes how he does not want to be belittled as a curtain raisers. Nash says he aims to become as big as the Jah Prayzah’s of the industry have become. He too finally throws a little spoken word about “expression”.

He questions people who criticize his cadence or tell him that he does not spit in tune. Defending that true emotion was never meant to be in tune.

I recommend this track for any Hip-hop head and I urge you to give these young ones a shout out on twitter @VoeDooED and @NashDaKing

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