Review: Trap-C talks About Job Crisis in “Pese Pane Bag” (@TrapCee)

While those who loathe our Hip-hop culture continue to argue based on the fallacy that Hip-hop does  not relate to day to day life of Zimbabweans. Our artistes continue to spread messages that are consistent with Zimbabwean reality on the ground and recently I got a hold of a single by Trap C titled “Pese Pane bag”. Which translated means “Wherever There’s Cash”.


This subject as I mentioned is quite relevant to Zimbabwe right now. Zimbabweans are willing to take the risk and be in whichever trade makes their ends meet. This now includes even those that once felt that because of the status attained from their College Degrees they could not be seen doing certain jobs that unqualified men can do. Anybody who lives in Zimbabwe (and doesn’t read it’s happenings off blogs) will tell you that Trap-C has managed to touch a hot area. Well of course those who hate Hip-hop, will continue to claim that our artistes rap about Ferrari’s (which was really a problem with early rap but it’s been a minute).

Trap C narrates different stories in his verses, impersonating events and situations that have led our brothers, mothers, fathers and sisters to do what they have to to get money.  The MSU college student happens to create his own beats and this offering was recorded and engineered by Nib Crouch (who by the way is about to drop heat too). All of this was done at 3nican entertainment.

Trap-C Pese Pane Bag

I think Trap C’s usage of Shona makes him relate-able to local people in this song as opposed to if he had done the song in an English American accent (which is not bad too). Songs done in vernacular languages seem to get more mileage because they relate to that struggle in the language that the primary audience understands it.The vocabulary in a Zimbabwean vendors mind is not “guap”, “stack”, “paper chase” so  though they may understand what all those words mean. That vocabulary resonates with the Black Americans  much more.

I also hear that Trap-C may be working on a brand new video with his hommies. Be on the look out for that one by following him on @TrapCee via twitter.

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