Review: T-One Switches Up His Flow in “We On”

T1 Wema 1 (T-One) is back with a party single produced by McLyne and Anonzi Xndr. The song also features, Chris James on the hook, Kidd Active on 2nd Verse and Marcques (of Who Got Next controversy). The beat is the truth, you gotta love the bounce to it. Vocals seasoned with a touch of that auto-tune which syncs to the new school sound.

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T-One leads into the verse, narrating how he is getting drunk in the club and getting hated on by dudes, yet the women showing him love. This includes some cougar love perhaps as incited by his line, “Chembere Mukadzi”. According to this verse, he has his money up and ready to spend it on whatever to make the party beautiful. He gives a shout out to his camp (Team Rehab) and says that they keep the hustle on point to stay winning. Great verse.

After Chris James flowers the beat with his provocative hook, where he says  he’s with your bae. Kidd Active kicks in with what he does best. He talks about how he links up with team to get high all night and party to the maximum. Kidd definitely is on that groove “all day err’day” and to end his verse, he gives a shout to Big Shots. Marques takes over after the second hook and takes time to talk about his position in the game. His verse doesn’t really talk about partying but he takes that verse to vent out.

Marques talks about people in group talking about his demise which he says is far from happening. Marques asserts that he stays winning and his enemies shouldn’t cower but come out in the open and diss him in the open. The new Marcques seems to be on this tip, venting out what he feels about the game and how the game has overlooked him for his silence. The new Marques (born on Who Got Next)  has more aggressive English bars and means business! This season, the Zunguza hitmaker is aggressive and angry, ready to chop peoples heads off.

I like the line where he says, “Menge muchinyepa, a flight to London – Hanzi in an hour!”. That was creatively provocative. The song ends with the vocals of Chris James sealing it off.

I think  a 7/10 will do for this one.

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