Review: Reap3r Switches Up On A Revolutionary Song “War”

Emerging Hip-hop artiste, Reap3r has been known to stand for conscious vibes. He has released a single titled W.A.R from his forthcoming EP Under the Dome. The Ep will also contain Faith (produced by Kharmatronix) and Pump It Up (prod by Aspya) which were released online last year. The song has a turned up delivery but addresses political subjects.


From Reap3r’s PR

“The single sounds revolutionary on the surface but he explains on how individualistic the concept gets as the track goes on as he thought of how the concept whirls around the instrumental. His main focus is how political ideas have been misunderstood and abused and perhaps he literary meant “this means WAR”.  The rapper gives room for the listeners to give their own interpretation of the abbreviation “W.A.R”.” –  From Reap3r’s PR

From Mcpotar’s Desk

(verse 1)

First of all Reap3r flows on an epic-beat which probably is supposed to give us a sense of war spirit. This is pretty much the sound on movie trailers about war and emotion. He starts off by giving shout outs to his producers, which shows his appreciation. This also helps you understand that you didn’t just download an instrumental as his verse takes a bit of time to kick in.

The first verse pretty much talks about black slaves going from slaves to becoming masters and house niggers (superior slaves). The rapper talks about unpaid workers and him being beat up by a certain colonel (representing the military/ thereby a government system). He then says that regardless of the system stepping on him “like a doormat” he will rise from ashes like a phoenix because he is fearless. He criticizes the system for choosing money over people and verse one ends.

The first verse has a good delivery pattern but what it lacks is  audibility of some words. Some words seem chewed. It may be that Reap3r fit in words with more syllables than he could handle in his cadence or his voice has too much base in it. At first listen I couldn’t really tell what the story  was about. I will give recommendations and suggestions at the end of the article on what I think would have been a best practice.


The bridge is much audible, it speaks of how he is preparing to attack. He also identifies the slave and master as being similar in how they think.

(Verse 2)

He continues to talk about corruption, societal decadence, propaganda and dirty politics. These are the vices he is fighting against. A lot of multi’s and bars as he marries the beat.


Production is definitely excellent to my ears on this one, though I am not a producer. The opinion of a producer may differ. Zayne McZee is talented.

Suggestions and Recommendations

The song has brilliant rhyme schemes but where I am worried is how the content was actually arranged.

There are songs such as this one that have been made before. In fact Immortal Technique usually does these types of songs where there’s one or two lines about a political idea or conspiracy theory which  is not continued. Point Of No Return by Immortal Technique is a case in point. He talks ablout Malcolm Little, Knights Templar, La Reconquista, Mary Magdalene allegedly having kids with Jesus etc (we are talking about Immortal Technique here).

Such a song then requires the ability to connect those loose ends in a manner that someone listening in 3 minutes can decode in the first 20 seconds.  It can actually be done without losing the listener but the story telling ability has to be on point.

A good story is not made of random facts thrown at the audience. A good story is dependent on what we call a Plot and there are said to be about 9 basic plots most stories follow (I will suggest one later on). Mind you 2 Pac actually did a course in screenplay. I could write all day about how I was unable to pick up the story but it won’t help until I give recommendations.


Only because your pen game is good….

  • Read on the 3 Act Structure (and you can research other plots if you want)
  • Take your writing scissors and cut out syllables, clarity on all words is very important. The other alternative is to practice tongue twisters if you’re going to say many syllables in each bar. People who are great at tongue twisters like Eminem can say a lot in a sentence and still be audible.
  • Vocal training, breathing exercises.
  • Don’t put so many things into your plot unless you can organize them in one direction with a conclusion that some of the slowest listeners can detect easily on first listen.

Final Thoughts

I think there was a lot of hard work and effort put in this. I wish to see the next offering  with as much work done on it and the negative areas rectified. Every song you do is practice for the next. Exceptional performers are powered by evaluation by themselves and others.




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