Review: Q-Rigga Gives The Honeys Something To Twerk To In “Big Tings On Em”

I am not about the party life but this one has clearly been on repeat in my head. It seems some beat makers are now using mid control techniques. I can’t get it out of my mind because Jae Mac has done it again, with his multi-faceted abilities of producing beats that fit the artiste. Jae Mac is a genius because he keeps his style versatile, from producing Ngoni, mUnetsi, Navy Seal and on this one the phenomenal Q-Rigga.

Download It Here

Big Tings Artwork

Q-Rigga has been working with Jae Mac since 2011, “We just connected from then, we have never stopped working and we have quite a number of projects weworking on, a lot, lot, lot,” Jae Mac said when I asked him via Facebook.

Q-Rigga is clearly a party starter and he flexes his rhymes bi-lingually in this catchy and bumpy offering titled Big Tings On Em. His use of both English and Shona makes him relate-able to the Zimbabwean audience but at the same time this can go beyond borders because it’s bumpy. In the same manner we play Congo artistes without hearing a single verb. Music is a language in itself, it provokes bod y language that’s why you dance to it. It’s hypnotic, with the panning of the drums and basses done by Jae, there is no way I wasn’t going to be dragged into these.

As Q leads in to his first verse it’s as if he is talking to a girl who’s getting low on the dance floor, “Okay ndati easy ma mummy..” he quickly switches his methodology to narration of what is going on in the club. The hook and pre-hook are both catchy like like a cold. I like the part where throws shade at chicks who dance clucks/claaks (a dancehall dance). You know I hate Zim Dancehall right? The beat however has a drum-roll that reminds me of a certain Sizzla’s “Jah Love preserve my soul”, in fact it has reggae in it (not Dancehall ka) .The flow is infectious, the beat is infectious, the mood is contagious and that’s why I should probably pass this one to DJ Langton B so that he can play it in the club today.

You should probably add it to your play-list too, but first.[Download It Here]

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