Review: Meister ft. R.Peels “Vana Vacheche” – [Zim Hip-hop Video]

Talented hip-hop emcee Meister broke out from his sabbatical to surprise us recently with a single titled “Vana Vacheche”. No only did he drop a single but he also made sure it had a video as usual. That almost always is the case with artistes like Meister, R.Peels or Brythreesixty.

That is how serious the business is to them.

Speaking of R.Peels, he features in a verse on this song which is basically about how they stay “high” and drugged up in the hood. Neighbourhood reefa heads will school you on the term “kubatwa” if you didn’t get the memo. I guess if you are new to both artistes Meister and R.Peels you’re probably attaching a few stereotypes on them by now.

After-all to society these are apparently things that directionless youth engage in.

Well Meister and R.Peels are both very bright academics destined to be in well paying jobs. The old stereotypes don’t match in the modern world where CEO’s are parking in Chitungwiza to get bricks of brocolli I guess. Perhaps to self medicate from the corporate pressures as opposed to a one on oner confessional with a Dr. Phil figure at a higher price.

I love the song it’s catchy, it is ghetto and it’s gangsta. The video is well directed as well but if you feel a way about weed and other substances in music I guess this one is not your jam. Either way, catalogues from both artistes might cover the subjects you love but with this one.

Let’s have fun out here, it’s nothing to be agitated about.

Watch it below and leave your comments below or share.

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