Review : Marcques Recovers In New Single “Nyarara” (@Marcques_)

The last time I heard a Marcques song I was terribly disappointed, I even wrote about it in a post titled. Who Got Next Nothing To Write Home About. Of course it didn’t go well with the rapper and associated people but come on. I thought they said it was a leak, so no turn up!!!

Anyway Nyarara is dope it starts off with a lot of energy and provocative lyricism. You know the usual, I snatch your chick bars but very witty. I love it even the bar dedicated to extinguishing bloggers… yes. That’s a hip-hop track. Forget Who Got Next…. scratch that. Nyarara is the real deal and deserved to be hashtagged as it was. This this one is lyrical, more punchlines and everything I love it.

“Mr you can have your girl back, I’m still better than your best when I slack” – He probably knows he slacked in Who got next, but this is a come back line.

“Ndinetumamatsaga that blog when I ex-hale” – A good come back once again, since we said Who Got Next was average.

Personally I’d say any negative reviews on Marcques should not have ve been taken personally, we simply can’t stand and let him try out concepts that don’t incline with him. We would lose our objectivity if we only gave props to a project because it was by Marques. If Schingy can get a negative  or good review from here, so can Xndr, Tehn, Begotten Sun, mUnetsi or anyone who is expected to be feared in Hip-hop. Hip-hop is too grown for us to be pretending we like music we don’t.

I’m glad to say that he has recovered from the Who Got Next disaster and it should not be repeated again. We as bloggers and commentators will speak when he is winning, like we did with Viva, but we will by the same token speak out when he disappoints. Our role is never to give favourable opinions to artistes than the reality that we hear. Right now we gotta concentrate on getting this track to as many people as possible, because we love Hip-hop, because it represents us well. Download the new Nyarara, by Marcques.

We hope to see a full album from Marcques in the coming year. Rehab said, academic commitments have held him back in past years, so we understand. But the fans need it.

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