Review: Let’s Listen To RPeels Debut EP “Forgive My Honesty”

Forgive my honesty in this review ladies and gentleman but I would like to share my truth about RPeels debut EP titled Forgive My Honesty, produced mixed and mastered at Ikonik Music Group. RPeels is a rising hip-hop star who took the Zim hip-hop streets by storm on releasing his EP last week, “Forgive My Honesty”

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The title is befitting to the truth that comes out of his lungs in songs like Nobody Got Time For That pt. 2 and Hunhu Hwenyu. RPeels on the onset defines his style as that of a reality rap king who gives commentary of things you can relate to. Throughout the project whether he is just kicking bars or talking about love in songs like Lonely With You, you can digest the reality in his words and the truth in his lyrics will convict you, hurt you or set you free.

You may assume the R in his name stands for REAL. Perhaps that’s why he features people recognized as real like J.Nova, Cashbid,Sharky, Alka Nemo and Synik all of whom have managed to create the brand image of “real emcees”. The fire bars in Pfungwa Dangu and Lyrical Exercise take you brain for a run on a treadmill. This is music for “brain muscle body builders” that creates strong minds.

Where Did King Go is evidence that RPeels is eying royalty in this rap gam,e but does not disregard those who came before him. Yung Red, Alka Nemo and Sharky gave life to that song, much like how Lloyd and Mik brought life to the emotional side of RPeels. We all know RPeels would have sucked at playing all lovey dovey on his own hooks. The power of collaboration is being able to call the right people on the hook. DJ Krimz Beatz has done great work with RPeels and saw hope in him when nobody else didn’t.

FunF and Klassiq are the other producers on the project. Klassiq created the RnB I miss on the You The One song and I think this is a sound we have been missing. You can tell how the name “Klassiq” comes about. Hunhu Hwenyu was by FunF who is also now part of Big Shots.

Thank you for creating an excellent EP, this is actually what we expect from an EP.

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