Review: Kyla Nicole Uses Gaming Console Metaphor In “Out Of Lives” (@kyla_nicolesa)

Kyla Nicole brings us this brand new love track with a brilliant baseline, “Out of Lives”. The  song creates a metaphor around love life and gaming consoles, where she warns her lover that because of the multiple mistakes he’s made by taking for granted have ended his “lives” (chances). You may remember how Super Mario had a certain number of lives in a game to get this.

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She talks about this lover taking her patience for granted, “blue-tick texting” and many other things which women are really put of by in a relationship. She emphasizes that she is ready go for the next man if the guy continues to take her for granted, bed hopping and assuming her life revolves around him. This is because she is “down for something real” and will not settle for less.

I guess this is a great message for any self respecting sisters out there. We as men need as many chances however, we will always flip up in one or 2 issues as no one is perfect. I suppose in this case this guy had over-stretched Kyla Nicole’s patience and love and continued doing the exact same things that would then render him the boot!

Awesome production on the beat, the singing raps blend well. I love the track.

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