Review: Kudah Runit and Flabbz Ashton Speak Freedom In “Afreeca”

The media has conditioned us to think that the name Africa and poverty are synonyms, but reggae artiste Kudah Runit features hip-hop artiste Flabbz Ashton to tell it different, in a song titled Afreeca. – You can already see the “free’ in the title. – Yes the subject is blessings and breaking away from all forms of bondage.

But do we blame the media? In the physical world we mostly depend on what we see. The abortion rates, life expectancy, dictatorship, wars and sigh, my blood pressure is already getting high, but what do the guys in the spiritual world see.

A blessed Africa, a free Africa, wealthy beyond measure and this is the evangel spread by the duo. They have a mellow hook which is more a prayer to God to bless this our land, Africa. The song wasn’t particularly made for Africa day by the way but it felt right to release it around Africa day.

You might be tired from the “Million Man March” but I need you to later take this blog link to join , “a million tweet much”. Kudah Runit and Flabbz Ashton are a rare combination of partners in rhyme, given that one runs with hip-hop and the other is into reggae. Timon and Pumba, Tom and Jerry, Harold and Kumar… except these ones aint getting high. They are about giving reverence to the most high.

Kuda Runit and Flabbz Ashton have two common grounds

1) They both do gospel

2) Both their stage names have a “t”.

Kudah Runit is a machine when it comes to song creation, having done several Chritian music catalogues he has mastered the art of creating a piece which engages with the listener. The song is relevant especially as Zimbabwe, the country from which both artistes emerge is facing doubt transmitting challenges.

They take pride in their African skin and denounce all ills spoken of Africa. Flabbz Ashton delivers the hip-hop parts whilst Kudah Runit does the vocalization of mellow tunes and raggae parts.

This definitely worthy of your playlist. Finally this is Kudah Runit’s debut feature on this blog.

Download it via this Link


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