Review: Jungle Kid Murks Syllables In “Ride With Me”

The Masvingo syllable king, Jungle Kid has been reppin’ Stayfly Clan since his debut album “Houz of Hunger”‘(read about it here) which he dropped in 2014. Today he released a song titled “Ride With Me” and I must say the instrumentation is fire. The track is the 3rd off his 2nd album “Stone City”.


It sounds like there is rock guitar somewhere in the progression and a tint of autotune or some electrical plugin. This however doesn’t drain the hip-hop calibre of this track.

With Bars like:

“asi hazvivhikiki… pamusoro handibvi hihi” (He will inevitably stay at the top… it’s unavoidable… only people who get shona see the syllable play)

“tika feature totora show” (When he features he steals the lime light)

Jungle Kid Ride With MeIt’s not the usual jungle type of beat but he maintains his syllable play, at least enough to prove that he is still the King of the syllable Jungle’s. This King explains how hwen he came, competitors felt very intimidated by him and basically, you are “Ridin’ with him” through a journey of what he has had to overcome, toppling self proclainmed kings and winning the hearts of the masses. He blasts those who still brag about victories of yester-year and reminds them about how they fell off. Representing Mucheke in his bars… He is taking over.

The hook is flowered by vocals and I think this was actually a great fusion as I always prefer RnB on hooks. Rapped hooks are nice, but I love hooks that are actually sung. My ears favour that kind of flavour. It’s indeed a worthwhile song which you can add to your playlist because of that.

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