Review : J.Nova Releases “History In The Making” Mixtape by Terrence K. Machisa

The very much anticipated “History In The Making” (#HITM) mixtape by J. Nova is here. The tape is a 20 track mixtape and is a must have. Its less than a year since Nova’s move to Big Shots/G. Records was announced and he’s got the hiphop heads peepin into his work.

(currently available via whatsapp : +263774550834 for free)

J.Nova History In The Making Mixtape

We are taken back to the old school instrumentals with dope flows and nerve wrecking wordplay, soul searching lyrics and assasinating delivery from this artist. The mixtape features productions from Boy Tricky, Klasiq, Gwagz & Fun_F (mixtape executive producer) who are all Big Shots in-house producers.

J. Nova raps about changing the game in of his tracks “Cruel Season”. He also mentions being drawn back to point zero when he lost all his rhymes but it gave him more energy just to prove that he’s not that type to give up on zim hiphop.

Label mates Meyniak & Savage who are also being recognized of their unique type of flows are featured on the tape. Tracks such as “Soul Rap”, “The Statement”, “Back To The Music” just to mention a few will definitely catch your ear and if you had lost hope in the local hiphop scene this will let you know that its ALIVE.Below is a short chat I Had with the brother J. Nova

Me : What led you to Big Shots ? How did you end up there and when was that ?

Nova : ” Well initially when I got back into the game, I had been offered several deals from various places but I felt most at home with the BigShots…. It was then (March) I started working on an album mainly with Fun_f, I was fortunate to link up with him coz we instantly established a very conducive artist/producer relationship….”

Me : What was your main objective upon making that Big move ??

Nova : “Our goal at first was to put out the project for end of year.. But so many variables and hard work was being put in… The recording was all done in less than 2 months. It was then I had the opportunity to work with Savage & Meyniak for this particular mixtape. ”

Me : What really inspired u to do the tape and release it within a short space of time ?? Already sounds like you have started making “HiStory”

Nova : ” Even though, I had been outta the game for 6 years. I was still writing a lot and just developing myself as a being and an artist. Well I look at things allegorically and metaphorically and just like my rhymes the title has several meanings. Its not only History but His Story in the making. That being said, I’ve always had the urge to express myself lyrically and poetically.”

Could this be what ZimHipHop was waiting for ? Is what the streets gon be bumping for the rest of the year ? Get your copy now

(currently available via whatsapp : +263774550834 for free)

Reviewed by Terrence K. Machisa

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