Review: In “Ventilation” Cashbid Castrates Disrespectful Rappers, Bry360 & Team Bho

This week seems to have been captured by the spirit of “throwing shade at emcees” because, Kata dropped a Tehn Diamond diss, whilst Marques dropped a “feel song” about the game which also happened to throw shade on a couple of issues [Read about it here].  Cashbid has dropped a song titled Ventilation and of all 3 I vibe with this one for many reasons.

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The Hitmen recorded the song but J.Dot (jonathan) creared the beat to interweave with Cashbid’s lyrical excellence and dynamic delivery which is much needed especially in such a track. Note that even though there is a Hitmen sound tag to it, the instrumentation is not by The Hitmen and J.Dot was actually offended by this, but that’s another article .Any track that throws shade at people cannot fall below par otherwise the artiste would have thrown shade at himself.

Cashbid Ventilation

The hip-hop artiste has been promising Ventilation for a long time so I’m not sure if he put pen to paper or modified an old version to suit current affairs. He clearly throws shade at Team Bho for offending greats that were there before them in his prelude. Cashbid suggests that it’s the code of the game to respect pioneers, he makes pun which ridicules Team Bho’s decline and laughs sarcastically before the song leads in.

Cashbid throws shade at young rappers that disrespect their main chicks in selfies in which they are treated like side chicks. Of course he dedicates some lines to braggadocio bars that make him stand out as a beast who’s tearing all these other rappers apart. Fearlessly he also rebukes a section of Christian rappers who think that their music is gospel for just mentioning God in between typical sercular lines. This line may have been directed at Brythreesixty (Bry360) and Mudiwa who have come under attack from both the sercular and gospel side for misrepresenting the message.

We all know who he is referring to, if you do not yet know just check your timeline. No doubt, he has endorsed my sentiments exactly that Christian Rap is under siege from the devil himself [Christian Rap In Zim Infiltrated by The Devil]. Though he makes no reference of demonic influence, or actual names. Cashbid is creative enough to make you see it without actually spelling it out.

I was moved by Ventilation because Cashbid is a true lyricist, airing real issues in his best zone. With no further adieu of shananigans from me, I’ll leave you to download the track yourself.

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