Review : In “Hustle Over Feelings” Fecko Chooses Money Over Love

My brother in Nigeria, Fecko teamed up with producer Tech Zilla score a record titled H.O.F which is an acronym for Hustle Over Feelings. This song supports the notion that it is better to chase money and self development than emotional endeavours (such as love and other drugs). The artiste who has once made it to the Nigerian Yellow Charts, early in the yearseasoned the song with a catchy hook.

I personally have found that to hold a degree of truth in my personal life. Fecko says he’d rather put in work and “love later”, because “emotion is a heart-breaker”. He would rather mess with money and chase clients and debtors and he questions if the women would stay in his life if that money got cut off. I am not sure if this song is inspired by personal experience but I am sure every man holds that question in his mind, especially if you’ve ever been abandoned by a girl you love during your toughest time. On the other hand some say, your true love will elevate you even in that time and stick with you even when you hit rock bottom. This song does not seem to be one of those that support that idea.

The rapper says he is cautious of the company he keeps and he will uproot any fakes around him. His hustle is that important to him and he will not let anyone infiltrate his circle. Fecko promises to do great things for his mother as soon as the hustle pays off and in my opinion that’s the dream of every young dude. Emotions do come in, in that sense however, because that’s an emotionally based promise. So it is obvious that when Fecko says, “Hustle Over Feelings” he is reffering to erotic-love and not the agape kind of love here. Don’t get it confused.

These guys will hustle daily till their paper touches ceilings.

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