Review: “I’m a huge Conspiracy Geek” – SpartakVs says in Mason’s Illumination

SpartakVs is the definition of Hip-hop nerd. Based in Zimbabwe, the rapper/producer has compiled his EP for 2015 titled, Mason’s Illumination. We once talked about his title track Mason’s Illumination but he since compiled it with more songs such as Grave Encounters, Though Temple Doors and Confessions of A Geeky Kid seasoned with intros, outros and interludes. There is also a folder containing plain instrumentals of all songs.

Download The EP Here 

Mason's Illumination The EP artwork

Background Of Title – Mcpotar’s View

The title is certainly a combination of the so called secret societies of the world that people mumble about in most conspiracy theories. Freemasonry and The Illuminati, of course there is a big debate everywhere about whether they are evil or good. Some say Masonry is about character building while others say it is a gateway to occultism. You’ve seen the documentaries with G’s and eyes and all of that creepy stuff. Illumination is obviously unconventional enlightenment. Many groups have claimed to be the illuminate throughout history but faded, though the most popular one is known as the Bavarian Illuminati (which was banned). Some say they still exist undercover as a “shadow government.

What Does SpartakVs Say? – His View

“ It’s based around a concept for a film I’ve been writing since 2011. It’s about a young artist named Mason who’s contemplating suicide until he meets death’s daughter and spends a day with her. Realizes life’s more beautiful than he thought, hence “Mason’s Illumination. The LP is going to be the film soundtrack, It’s also a play on the ideas of Freemason and the Illuminati. I’m a huge conspiracy geek.” – SpartakVs

He also goes on to explain, “I’ve spent years studying Masonry from an intellectual perspective and I believe it has it’s place in Zimbabwe and any other society. It’s, contrary to popular belief a benevolent organization. As far as me being a Mason, I’m not an initiate but if the opportunity presented itself, I’d take the rites. I don’t find the organization or it’s system deplorable.”

Hope you enjoy the EP and share with me your views on @Mcpotar

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