Review: False Prophets, Religious Wars and Truth Discussed In “Mwari Ngarumbidzwe”

Majestic Records has released yet another phenomenal music release titled “Mwari Ngarumbidzwe” (Praise be to God) in which Vhedza features the king of wordplay, Noble Stylz and Courtney Antipas, who is one of the fastest rising Gospel act the country has had.  The song was produced by The Future and has what sounds like African Catholic samples.

I will call these guys the 3 wise man and you can stream their song (via this link) as we proceed. Or below if you can see the widget.

The song begins with Vhedza talking about his spiritual path and how the love of Ggod was instilled in him from childhood by his family. He says that even though he may stumble, he tries his best to stay true to God’s ways and gives praise to God.  The beat is laid back,  so that you can relax and listen to the depth of the message he is spittin’. Vhedza represents the mature Hip-hop head who keeps it one hunnit’  with the traditional rap delivery.

In second verse Noble Stylz kicks in expressing his view that “God is not part of religion” but rather a spiritual connection with all men. He says that people have been blinded in Africa by false prophets and doctrines that have caused them to stray away from God. However he advises believers not to put faith in human figures but only in God. The Shona rap King talks about how the many religions have caused many wars as well in his verse.

Mwari Ngarumbidzwe

Courtney Antipas in the third verse makes a Christian verse, where he gives praise to Jehovah.He begins by thanking God for his never changing qualities and faithfulness to his promises. Courtney describes God as an irreplaceable God and says that he wants to choose God’s way instead of his. That the Lord’s will be don upon his life.

What I like about this song is it gives an account of what 3 human beings think about the subjecty of God, religion, spirituality or just complex subjectivity. All 3 men are theistic (non denies the existence of God), they however understand and experience him in different ways and all are grateful to the places he has led them.  So at the end of the day they are like the same person because their core values are the same. Their motivations and aspirations fulfil the same purposes.

I listened to this song and figured out which verse I most fit in. Also figured a certain verse I used to fit in, and one paradigm I would love to explore in order to understand the subject.

Thank you.

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