Review:  Dope Boy and AKA B Introduce themselves in “Boyz Dzacho”

I downloaded a song by Dope Boy which features AKA B titled “Boyz Dzacho” which can be translated as “we dem boyz”. Trap-C, who also happens to be an emcee produced the beat to this one. He did an excellent job especially with the bass. It is not a bad production.

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Dope Boy leads in by introducing himself and his city, making reference to Myke Pimp’s famous line “Harare Hairarwe” and identifying him as South Samora. In fact the first verse seems to have a thing of making reference lines of popular Zim Hip-hop songs such as Schingy’s “Eh eh eh bho”, which works in Dope Boys favour as listeners find something relatable in the first verse. The young guy has several lines about hustling for money in the city, in fact he says he can “hustle hard like a married man,” minus the fact that he is a college kid.

The second verse introduces a rapper known as AKA B who also happens to be promising as far as spitting dope lines. His lines dominantly flaunt his skills at picking up hot girls and how the girls in his hood are all over him. He says lines like , “Swagger yakwanda kunge bvudzi” amongst other humour lines.

The Take Away

Tisu Boyz DzachoI think, both Dope Boy and AKA B are good at rapping but they really need to work on the subject matter of a track. From listening to Boyz Dzacho, despite that the song is about Boyz Dzacho it was really hard for me  to tell what the song is based on. It had good lines, but they didn’t seem to be very connected or to concerntrated on a certain theme. The 80/20 rule of Hip-hop is to have an underlying theme that constitutes at least 80% of the song then the 20% can be a few other additions you want to make.

Trust me,  when i hear a song like Zvidhori I have no second guessing what they are talking about. My little brothers are growing in the industry however and we should support them. I am quite sure Trap C is already cooking up the next Dope Boy track and Dope Boy will be paying more attention to crafting a clear concept.

It is very important.

Having a clear concept of a song, is better than having disconnected punchlines.

Let’s add this to our playlists.

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