Review: Amard Bleeds Her Heart Out In “Over Invested” (@AmardZw)

The first track I ever heard from Amard was”Lose My Number”, this year she recently dropped another heartbreak song, “Over Invested”. You may wonder why there is so much relationship drama in her songs till you reverse the word DRAMA and realize that’s where the name Amard is from. Yes, the princess has drama going on in 2 singles already.

Last time i met her at Zim Hip-hop Awards, she had given a Stellar performance but said she would be taking a musical sabbatical for a while. She has just awoken from it with a heart break song about a relationship she went “in too deep in”. The title “Over Invested” simply means she believes she put in more emotion into this than she should’ve have and now it’s not straining her heart.

“Over_Invested is produced by Tash Manhize from Society Studios a very talented young man. The song talks about a situation whereby a girl had put her all into a relationship only for the guy to let her down after a long time, hence being over invested and she finds herself running at a loss.” – Amard

When I first heard this, I could relate so much that I felt it was her real life. In fact, “Lose My Number” was based on reality so  well the possibility of this one being real is there. Amard tends to spit her reality and she is hardcore. This is not a typical girly love song, she is a spitter and a half. It will still get you emotional like an Adele track.

Get the song via her soundcloud 



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