Review: Accrue and McDruu Ask God To Lead In “Guidance” (Video)

I came across this video some weeks ago but hadn’t watched it till today. Simply had downloaded it for later viewing, thanks to the Zimbabwe Excuse Supply Authority (I actually now also have excuses for late reviews). Well this week a miracle happened, electricity has begun being available more often. So Yay!!!… we can have that Guidance review and then the video too.

Guidance is a Christian Rap song by Accrue which features McDruu on the hook who sings well but sounds as if he is emulating the Nigerian way of singing as far as the accent is concerned. To some it may sound like a mix breed of Jamaican sound and Naija boy style. I feel like we need to work on actually making Zim Accent cool enough for other countries to adopt like we have done theirs. Despite this, the hook is actually dope and manages to hook the listener before you can listen to the didactic bars of the emcee in the song, Accrue.

The message is that amidst all adversity, the artistes need no voodoos or juju to prosper, God will set them a table and cups that over-runneth in front of their enemies. They wish their enemies a long life so that they may live to see their success, and wake up daily for the challenge. It’s more of a victory prayer. Accrues first verse is filled with gratitude towards, his life family and friends. He thanks God for all these people in his life and what the Lord has done for him.

His second work is motivational and is more a prayer for God to guide him in the music industry and other things he works on. He also prays for his enemies and I think in this verse he delivers better than in his first verse.

The video was shot in very few locations but this is not bad given their topic. However I hope to see a video with a story line in future and perhaps the Castle Lager logo in the background of one of their chosen locations was not such a great idea. Black Copy Films will certainly continue to give us good productions I hope.

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