Review: ABEDI Creates A Short Movie in “Vimbai”

I have known ABEDI to drop heat waves since he dropped “Ndiri Weku Ghetto”. His execution and delivery of Shona rhymes is beautiful and poetic. In “Vimbai” he gives a narration of a well written story about a girl named Vimbai.


In the story the rapper narrates his love for the girl as he saw her come up in life as an orphan. The story is told in a realistic fashion but I will not explain what happens, because I am not a fan of spoilers. I can only confirm that the song is about love and not giving up on hope.

The instrumentation is deep, laid back with a punchy baseline married to soulful melodies which lets the emotional parts of the song sink in.

ABEDI last gave us his project titled “Still In The Dirt” which he said, was about the past. “The theme of my project is based on what happened in the past,whats happening now and what i wish to make it happen in the future thats why its called still in the dirt.Its all about something that is still in the dark but the light is there after this darkness.”

Well I guess the Vimbai song still fits that context as he seems to be narrating a past event. We are still looking forward to ABEDI’s promised project “Pasi Pezuva” so for now we can  bounce to the new single.

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