Reverb 7 – Simba Tagz – Tehn Diamond (Na Na Na) – Zim Hiphop 2015

Reverb 7, Simba Tagz and Tehn Diamond, 3 Hip-hop kings. Known for their quality taste and stellar production. Of course I had no choice but to follow the link to this song, Na Na Na. When I found it I realized i wasn’t used to the sound but I played it top the last anyway.


Reverb 7 - Na Na NaWith Reverb 7 on this project, I should have known I was going to be surprised. The music is beautiful, it has that heartbeat that you want to dance to or just hold your glass and immerse yourself in the relaxation the other elements give to it. This song would actually be good a s just a dance-able track but of course the addition of bars by Tehn Diamond caters for the Mcpotar’s who would like to hear a rap verse in everything especially  if Simba Tagz and tehn are in it.

When I heard the dance part, I thought it would begin and end like that. You cannot trust Tehn these days especially after he didn’t drop any lines in his collabo with the EMLSB (see here). I was disappointed like, “When is Tehn gonna spit?”. He has compensated for that in this song and I certainly think it plays a good role in exporting us to fans of dance music.

There are places where Tehn’s Be Amazing can never be played and those places hold a large audience so it a clever move to get hip-hop fusing with all and any other genres it blends with. It is also innovative on the creative side instead of replicating the same song structures we have been using for years.

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